Tasek Bera

Date: June 2001

Sunset at Tasek Bera (June 2001)

Sunset at Tasek Bera (June 2001)

For a place to rest and relax, Tasek Bera is a good choice. Tasek Bera is a fresh water lake found in the state of Pahang. Unlike Taman Negara, Tasek Bera receives much less visitors and the area still retains its peace and quiet serenity. For anglers, this is also a good place to land big catches. However, in terms of variety of activities, this place has less to offer than Taman Negara. This is also the home to one of the smallest group of indigenous people in Malaysia, the Semelai.

Tasek Bera

Tasek Bera with its patches of vegetations(June 2001)

As most of the guides there do not speak English, language can be a big problem thus making Jungle Trekking and probably Night Walk less worthwhile. The best activity is still fishing and in small groups, the guide is able to lead you to more remote part of the lake where there are better catches. For those who have some cash to spare, a trip to Lembayung Waterfall is worth it. However, do not expect a large magnificent waterfall, rather, this is a small but clean waterfall with a nice large pool to have a dip. There are also canoes to rent out and you can venture into the vast lake. However, it is a maze out there and you may be lost in the tall grasses.

Basically, this lake is a great place to go to if you just want to spend the weekend at some place quiet and peaceful. Engage in some leisurely activity like fishing or just canoe about on the great lake and catch the sunset in the evening. Time seems to be at a standstill at Tasek Bera, a good breather away from the hectic city pace.

Getting There

From Singapore to Triang
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

From Johor Bahru, take a train from Johor Bahru Railway station to Triang Railway Station.

Cost: Rm16

Duration: 1hr 45min

From Triang to Tasek Bera
Arrange with the Tasek Bera Resort for transport to the resort.


Kompleks Pelancongan Tasek Bera

Mini Pos Bandar 32 Bera

28300 Triang

Pahang Darul Makmur.

09 276 2505


Email: azizplrb@tm.net.my

Room Type Cost
Chalet Rm140
Hotel Rm110
Dormitory Rm30 per person
Tents Rental rate
2 person Rm10
4 person Rm15
6 person Rm18
Camping Lot (own tent) Rm3 per person

Recreational Activities

1 hour Rm10
1 day Rm50

Boat Rental

Lake Tour Rm30 per boat (4 person)
Lake Tour (Water Taxi) Rm50 per boat (10 person)
Kg Benal Rm60 per boat (4 person)
Pos Iskandar Rm100 per boat (4 person)
Jelawat Rm120 per boat (4 person)
Rubber boat Rm10 per hour (4 person)


Self-driving boat Rm10 per hour
Boat and Guide Rm10 per hour + Rm20

Jungle Trekking

Group of 10 Rm50

Night Walk

Group of 10 Rm50

Lembayung Waterfall

Group of 5 with own vehicle Rm20 per person
With transport provided Rm40 per person

Other Activities

Rope course Rm350 for group of 10
Survival Course Rm350 for group of 10
Rafting Rm100 for group of 5
BBQ Rm25 per person

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