Taman Negara – Kuala Koh

Date: June 2000

Canopy walk

Canopy walk in Taman Negara, Kuala Koh

The river swell so high that it reached the doorstep of the chalets. Its destructive power is demonstrated through trees bending downstream at the riverbank. The bridge connecting the resort to the other side of the river is not spared either. The benign river of Kuala Koh with its clean and clear water belies its power during a bad monsoon year from late November to early April. This is the northern entry point into Taman Negara in Kelantan.


Destruction of the riverbank due to monsoon flood.

Its facilities and activities are similar to the popular entry point into Taman Negara from Kuala Tahan although much more basic. However, what it lacks in facilities is compensated by its more peaceful and back to basics atmosphere. There are much fewer visitors to this place and you can enjoy what nature has to offer without disturbance. It is also possible to climb up Gunung Tahan, the highest mountain in Peninsula Malaysia, from here although it takes a longer time.

Kuala Koh offers activities like Canopy walk, jungle treks, tubing, bamboo rafting and fishing. Being more secluded, the chances of spotting wild animals are higher in this park. Elephants are common just outside the resort area but you are more likely to encounter their footprints and dung then actually seeing one. Be prepared to lose some blood, as there are leeches along the jungle trek. The river in Kuala Koh is slow moving thus tubing down the river is not very exciting. However, bamboo rafting is pretty challenging for the inexperienced.

Tubing down Kuala Koh

Tubing down Kuala Koh. The brownish appearance of the river is due to sediments kicked up by the participants.

Accommodation and food at Kuala Koh is quite limited. There is only a resort with chalets in Kuala Koh. The twin sharing chalets come with their own toilet with shower facility. There is also a long house used as a hostel and can accommodate more than 50 residents at a time. Toilet and shower facilities are provided at each end of the long house. However, the rooms in the long house are not as well maintained as the chalet. There is also a camping ground located outside the long house. There are no food stalls and only the resort sells food, unless you bring your own.

Getting to this secluded place is not easy. There is no public transport that goes to Kuala Koh. A chartered private vehicle is necessary to bring you there. The road meanders and hugs the hillsides, as Kuala Koh is located far from civilization. Bridges made of wood straddles across deep gullies and rivers where the vehicle has to go over. The nearest train station to this remote area is Gua Musang, which is a 2hrs ride to Kuala Koh by car.

For visitors who want to visit Taman Negara but wanted a more secluded and peaceful place than Kuala Tahan, Kuala Koh is a good recommendation. Moreover, there are some activities available if you have enough of lazing around. The best time to visit this place is during the drier monsoon season, from April to late October. Boat ferry service is provided if the bridge is destroyed during the monsoon flooding. It is advisable to plan your itinerary and inform the resort about your plans before making your trip down. Guides and boatman may not be readily available in the resort if you have not made prior arrangements.


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