Sungei Yong

Sungei Yong or Belumut waterfalls

Date: Date: 09 August 2002

Update: 02 February 2005

Main waterfall of Sungei Yong

Main waterfall of Sungei Yong (09 Aug 2002)


Sungei Yong is a relatively unknown river about 18 km east of Kluang, Johor. If this sounds familiar, it is probably because it is located in the same oil palm plantation as Gunung Belumut. As not many people know about the existence of this river and its numerous waterfall, the river is still relatively clean and un-spoilt.

Other then the relatively clean state of the river, it also boasted 7 large waterfalls and 20 smaller ones. However, as most of the larger waterfalls are found on a short stretch of the river and the waterfalls come in various heights, it is not easy to classify and count the actual number of large waterfalls encountered. But there are certainly many small ones about one or two meters high.

The trek to the campsite is quite easy, as a matter of fact, boring. It involves walking through a maze of dirt road littered with cow dung through the oil palm plantation. There are many junctions which are very often hard to differentiate. After over an hour of walk through the plantation, you would have to turn right at a junction which would lead you out of the plantation. There is only one trail now without any junctions but the road is very muddy. The road would lead straight to the campsite. In fact, it is possible to reach the campsite using a 4-wheel drive.

The campsite is located beside the river and there is a bigger one just a few meter away from the river. Both campsites can easily accommodate as many as 8 four-men tents and probably more. There is even a waterfall nearby where you can enjoy a dip in the pool. However, leeches are common at the campsites.

The trail from the campsite to the first large waterfall is not very obvious and would “disappear” on several occasions. The trail is at the right side of the river. It involves walking through leech-infested forest trail along the side of the river. The trail is quite difficult to walk on as the soil can be pretty loose and there are instances where it is necessary to scamper up a slope. After about half an hour of trekking, the first large waterfall can be seen. There is a nice pool at the bottom to swim in.

The trail that leads to the rest of the waterfalls is found at the right side of the river. After going to the top of the first large waterfall, the trail involves a mixture of river crossing, forest trail and scampering over rocks. On many occasions, it requires some experience and more importantly, a keen eye to pick up the trail that would lead further up the river. From the first large waterfall, most of the remaining waterfalls can be covered after 2hrs of trekking up the river. As far as I know, from here, the trek would be on the river itself and the next waterfall is 50min of trekking and it is a very small waterfall.

2nd large waterfall (02 July 2001)

2nd large waterfall (02 July 2001)

3rd large waterfall (02 July 2001)

3rd large waterfall (02 July 2001)

Although the waterfalls in Sungei Yong are not very spectacular, the trek is still relatively clean and un-spoilt. Moreover, it is possible to make it a comfortable weekend trip to the river. However, it is not worth the effort to go in search of the other waterfalls after the first large waterfall. The information given here may not be accurate as the walk in the oil palm plantation can be very confusing. I would strongly advise anyone who wants to visit the river to bring someone who had been there before as it is easy to get lost in the plantation.

4th large waterfall (02 July 2001)

4th large waterfall (02 July 2001)

5th large waterfall (02 July 2001)

5th large waterfall (02 July 2001)

Getting There

From Singapore to Kluang
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kluang

Bus service: OCHARD EXPRESS (Platform 41)

Frequency : Hourly
Cost : RM6.40 per person
Duration : 100mins ( 1 hr 40 mins )
Remarks : Seat allocation is written on the ticket
: Find out which bus bay to take the bus
From Kluang Bus Interchange to starting point of trek
Cost : RM30(for one way)
: RM60(for two way)
Duration : 30mins
Remarks : The cost of the taxi ride is not fixed. It may be more or less depending on the driver.

In recent times (26 Oct 2003), the drivers are asking for Rm50.

: Ask the driver to stop in the plantation after crossing the first bridge

Cost : RM40(for one way)

Bus (Information from 09 May 2000)

Take a bus till outside an oil palm plantation(Kahang Timur).

There is a signboard saying Gunung Belumut.

Bus service : Bus Batu 9 (Kg Gajah)

Red bottom/White top

Estimated bus timing at Kluang Interchange:
Cost(Getting there) : RM1.80 per person
(Coming back) : RM1.00 per person
Duration : approx. 45mins
Remarks : Bus ticket is bought on the bus
: Bus stop at T-Junction outside the oil palm plantation
: There are no bus shelter, just a house at the junction
: The return journey is taken from the same direction

Trek Details
Duration(min) Description Instructions Remarks
Day 1
00 T Junction Go into the oil palm plantation Place where you alight
15 Bridge followed by X Junction Go straight Leave the tar road and onto dirt road
2 -| Junction Go straight
2 X Junction Go straight
3 Well on the left followed by -| Junction Go straight
2 Inverted Y Junction Go straight
2 Bridge
2 Bridge
2 Bridge
1 -| Junction Go straight
1 -| Junction Go straight
2 Y Junctin Turn right Well on the left
7 Y Junction Turn right-> Slight ascend Both trail looks similar
7 -| Junction Go straight
5 Bridge
1 -| Junction
-> Y Junction
Go straight
Turn left
Not obvious
3 Well on the left side
2 |- Junction Go straight Junction not obvious
1 Well on the left side
2 |- unction followed by -| Junction Turn right on first junction
2 Small bridge
2 Y Junction -> trail descending Turn left Both trial look similar
3 |- Junction followed by -| Junction Turn right on first junction -> small bridge This junction is found between 2 small bridge
2 Out of plantation Abandoned trail
15 Bridge across gully Cross bridge
3 Open patch about the size of 2 basketball court Trail is on the left at the end of the open patch
3 Stream Cross stream
5 Campsite
Day 2
00 Set off Keep to right side of stream
30 Y Junction -Turn left to 1st main waterfall

-Turn right to proceed (ascend)

The junction is not distinct.
05 First main waterfall
10 Top of 1st main waterfall. Cross river
05 Cross river onto rocks and into small path Small waterfall in front
25 Possible campsite on the right Trek by the edge of the river.
05 Cross river just before a small waterfall
10 Cross river before series of waterfall. There is a waterfall on a stream at the right of the main river.
Return to main river
05 Last major waterfall

Note: Other then the first bridge, the other bridges are not obvious and are identified only by 2 concrete slabs on both sides of the trail.

Important Timings
Starting point to campsite approx 1 hr 30 min
Campsite to 1st main waterfall 35 min
Campsite to last main waterfall 1 hr 30 min
Total time taken from starting point to last main waterfall approx 3 hrs

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