Sungei Tampit

Sungei Tampit waterfalls

Date: June 2005


The sixth waterfall which is the largest waterfall along Sungei Tampit (26 June 2005)


Sungei Tampit is a small forest river that is located by the side of Genting Highlands, about an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur. There are about 8 waterfalls along the stretch but most of them are very small, about 1 to 2 meters high. There are two larger ones that go up to 4 storeys high. The starting point of the trek is via a campsite owned by Hikers Climber Adventure Team SDN. BHD. As such, they would require visitor to the waterfall to hire a guide from them. The guides are relatively fluent in English. However, getting to the campsite may be a problem as there is no public transport that goes there.

Waterfall number 8

Waterfall number 8, a waterfall hidden in the jungle. (26 June 2005)

From the campsite where the road ends, it is another 40mins of trek through small forest trail to the larger waterfall. It takes about an hour and a half to visit all the 8 waterfalls. Thanks to Hikers Climber Adventure Team, the forest and the waterfall is free from litters, which can be found in most Malaysian waterfalls. At both the larger waterfalls, there is a small pool at the bottom which you can have a cool dip. There are no leeches for this trek although there are mosquitoes along the forest trail.

Waterfall No. 6 is the biggest waterfall as well as the most beautiful. The pool is also the biggest but the water is quite shallow. At the edge of the pool are some large flat rocks, which visitors can laze around. However, as there is no shade, it can get quite hot and glaring under the mid-day sun. Waterfall No. 8 in contrast is hidden in the forest, surrounded by forest canopy although it is slightly lower than waterfall no. 8. As such, the water in the pool of waterfall no. 8 is rather cold.


Guides contact
Cost of guide: Rm150 to Rm200


Hikers Climber Adventure Team SDN. BHD.

No. 2G-3B Pusat Daerah Seksyen 6,

Jalan Cenderawasih 6/7, Seksyen 6,

4000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Phone: (+603) 5510 1787

Fax: (+603) 5511 1787



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