Sungei Ampang

Date: February 2006

1st large waterfall(Feb 2006)

1st large waterfall(Feb 2006)

Found at the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur city centre, there is a relatively unknown stream in the forest where there is a yet unspoiled forest and river trek. Sungei Ampang provides the perfect getaway for in the hectic capital city of Malaysia. However, the starting point of the trek is inside Institut Budaya Baru Melayu. Visitors to the river can park their cars just outside the institute. At the entrance of the Institut Budaya Baru Melayu, the leader of the team is required to seek permission and sign in at the guard house. From my knowledge, there is usually no difficulty in getting the permission to go to the waterfall.

Entry point of trek

Entry point of trek at Institut Budaya Baru Melayu(Feb 2006)

Sungei Ampang is known to have 3 large waterfalls more than 5 storeys high and a smaller waterfall about 1.5 storeys high. According to the instructors at Institut Budaya Baru Melayu, panthers and sunbears still reside in the forest. During a recce trip, my team did smell a strong animal odor at certain points during the river trek. The trail and the stream are very clean. Throughout the 2hrs journey to the furthest waterfall, less than 5 pieces of litters are seen.

The trek to the first waterfall is quite simple and relaxing if you do not mind the leeches.

A 45mins trek along a dirt trail would bring you to the first waterfall. There is a campsite near to the waterfall that can fit about four 4-men tents. There is no pool at the waterfall for a swim though. To get to the other waterfalls, the surest way is to go along the stream. The path to the top of the first waterfall is along the left side of it just behind the campsite. However, there are a lot of tiger leeches along this path. The rest of the journey to the other waterfalls from the top of the first waterfall is by following the stream. A short distance from the top of the first waterfall, there is a small stepped, man-made dam.

After trudging on the stream for a short distance, the stream joins another stream on the left side. Trekkers on the return trip should take note of this Y-junction. There are fewer leeches while traveling on the stream but trekkers have to be on the look out for wild animals. The water in the stream is quite shallow but where there is deeper water, it is possible to skirt by the side of the stream. There are no distinct paths and markings by the side of the stream but an experience trekker may be able to spot the trail on gentler bank of the stream.

Small waterfall

Small waterfall by taking the right side of the river fork(Feb 2006)

About half-an-hour trek from the dam will bring you to a river fork. Going right for 5mins will bring you to a small waterfall. Going right for about 20mins will bring you to the 2nd and 3rd large waterfall. The trek to the 2nd waterfall is quite difficult as the terrain is steeper and there are more rocks and thicker vegetation to overcome. But upon reaching the waterfall, it is well worth the effort. The waterfall is very beautiful with curtains of water falling over its edge at the top. For this trip, I did not go to the 3rd waterfall. But according to other accounts on the internet, the 3rd waterfall is just a short distance from the top of the 2nd waterfall.

Although I took the route via the stream, according to other people’s account, there is a land route that can lead directly to the 3rd waterfall. Nevertheless, the trek on the stream is quite interesting. However, there is no distinct campsite after the first waterfall. The clean trail and beautiful waterfall is hard to come by nowadays in Peninsula Malaysia as many would have been polluted by inconsiderate visitors.

Large waterfall 2

Large waterfall number 2 by taking the left side of the river fork(Feb 2006)

Getting There

From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
Take a bus from Singapore (Golden Mile complex) to Kuala Lumpur
Cost : S$27 (Super Express)
Duration : 5 hrs 10mins
From Kuala Lumpur Express Terminal to Institut Budaya Baru Melayu
Take a cab from express bus terminal to Institut Budaya Baru Melayu (located at the end of the road starting from Zoo Negara)
Duration : 30mins to 45mins (depends on traffic)

Trek Details






Main entrance of Institut Budaya Baru Melayu

Go straight

About 100m from the entrance. A small trail on the right just before a upslope

Turn right, into the small trail

Just before an upslope


Triangular patch. Y-junction

Turn right, descend


Campsite with the 1st waterfall nearby.

Can squeeze 4x 4-men tents

Small trail on the left side that runs parallel to the river

Follow the small trail and ascend


Top of the 1st waterfall

Go upstream by following the stream


Man-made stepped dam

Go up the steps and continue following the stream


River fork

(*) Turn right

(#) Turn left

(*) 05

Small waterfall (about 1.5 storeys)

Go up the steps and continue following the stream

(#) 20

2nd waterfall

Trail on the left side of this waterfall will probably lead to the 3rd waterfall

Useful Timings

Trek to first waterfall – 55mins
Trek from entrance to 2nd large waterfall – about 2hrs

NB: There are a lot of leeches especially on land

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