Singapore mountaineering records

Achievement Year Description Remarks
First Singapore Everest team to summit Mt Everest 1998 Khoo Swee Chiow and Edwin Siew under the Singapore Everest   team led by David Lim reached the summit of Mt Everest via the South Col on   25 May 1998.
Singapore Antartica Expedition 2000 1999 & 2000 Khoo Swee Chiow, Robert Goh, David Lim and Ang Yau Choon   reached the South Pole on 31 December 1999. Dr Mok Ying Jang, Lee Ling Yen,   Kuak Nam Jin reached the summit of Mt Vinson, the highest point in Antartica,   on the 09 Jan 2000.
Aconcagua alpine style via Polish Traverse 2000 David Lim and Tok Beng Cheong reached the summit of Aconcagua   on 19 Feb 2000. Going by alpine style, they received no support except for a   mule who helped carried food and equipment to the base camp of the mountain. Official   Website
7 Summits 2000 Khoo Swee Chiow becomes the first South East Asian to complete   the 7 Summits (highest point of each continent) on 22 November 2000.

Kilimanjaro, Africa 20 June 1994
Everest, Asia 25 May 1998
Aconcagua, South America 29 Feb 2000
Denali, North America 01 July 2000
Elbrus, Europe 19 September 2000
Carstenz Pyramid, Oceania 19 October 2000
Kosciuszko, Oceania 28 October 2000
Vinson Massif, Antartica 22 November 2000
Xixabangma without   supplementary oxygen 2001 Khoo Swee Chiow   becomes the 1st South East Asian to reach the summit of an 8000 m peak   without supplementary oxygen on 28 Sep 2001.
North Pole   Expedition 2002 Khoo Swee Chiow   reached the North Pole on 5 May 2002 after skiing 771 km on Day 45 if the   Hitachi Extreme North Expedition.
Adventure Grand Slam   (7 Summits, the South Pole and the North Pole) 2002 Khoo Swee Chiow   becomes the first man in Singapore and South East Asia to complete the   Adventure Grand Slam on 05 May 2002. He was the fourth person in the World to   complete the Adventure Grand Slam.
Singapore Xixabangma   Expedition alpine style without supplementary oxygen 2002 Dr Robert Goh and   Edwin Siew are the first in Southeast Asia to summit an 8,000m mountain in   alpine style on 16 May 2002.
Summitting Cho Oyu   without oxygen 2004 Dr Robert Goh and   Lim Kim Boon summitted Cho Oyu without oxygen. They are the first   Singaporeans and in South East Asia to summit Cho Oyu without supplementary   oxygen.
Solo expedition to   Ojos del Salado (6882m), World’s highest volacano. 2005 On 21 Jan 2005,   David Lim reached the summit of Ojos (Chile). Official Website
NUS team and the   first Singaporean summit Mt Everest 2005 On the 31 May 2005,   Lindley Morris Zerbe summitted Everest. Teo Yen Kai becomes the first   Singaporean to reach the summit of Mt Everest on 02 June 2005 (Edwin Siew and   Khoo Swee Chiow, who summitted Everest in 1998 were Malaysians and Singapore   permanent residents). Chow E-fung also reached the summit on the same day.
Singapura I Peak   (4589m) Temasek Peak (4374m) Ong Teng Cheong Peak (4743m) 2005 In July 2005, an   expedition was led by David Lim to summit virgin peaks in Tien Shan. The   first person to summit the peak have the privilage of naming it. On 24 July   2005, David Lim, Mohd Rozani, Wilfred Tok and Dr Shani Tan summitted the   first peak (later named Temasek peak). David Lim, Mohd Rozani and Wilfred Tok   summitted the second peak (later named Singapura I Peak) on 26 July 2005. On   29 July 2005, the last peak, (later named Ong Teng Cheong peak) was summitted   by the 4 climbers. Official Website
Damavand (5671m),   Asia’s Highest Volacano (Singapore-Iran Expedition 2006) 2006 David Lim reached   the summit of Damavand on 22 June 2006 after a 7 hours climb. Official Website
First Singaporean   women to summit Mt Everest 2009 Lee Li Hui, Esther   Tan and Jane Lee becomes the first Singaporean Women to reached the summit of   Mt Everest. Joanne Soo and Lee Peh Gee from the same NATAS-SWET team also   summitted on the 22 May 2009. Official Website
Resilience Peak   (4457m; N42.317051 E79.934720) Majulah Peak (5152m) Kongsberg Peak 2009 Expedition team led   by David Lim (Team members: Mohd Rozani, Grant Rawlinson) to summit peaks in   Tien Shan. All three peaks were summitted in August 2009. Kongsberg Peak is   named after the primier expedition sponsor of the expedition, Kongsberg   Maritime. Official Website
First Singapore team to reach the summit of Ama Dablam (6812 m) 2011 Singapore team led by Joanne Soo reaches the summit of Ama Dablam on 12 Nov 2011. The summit team includes Joanne Soo, Clarence Yap, Joyce Lim and Kumaran Rasappan. climbeverest2012 website
K2 2012 Khoo Swee Chiow becomes the first man in South-East Asia to reach the summit of K2 on 31 July 2012.
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