Malaysia Treks

Peninsula Malayasia offers a selection of trekking sites for people of different level of outdoor experience. While some treks are quite straight forward and can be covered within a day, others involve trekking over a few days, along ridgelines, crossing rivers and climbing up and down steep slopes with the assistance of ropes. Some of these trekking sites requires a 4-wheel drive to bring you to the starting point while others are just at the outskirt of major cities.

Of the mountain treks, my favourite would be Gunung Tahan. Not only is it the highest mountain in peninsula Malaysia at a height of 2187m, the variety of terrains which the trekker passes through would summaries almost all the terrains which one would experience in peninsula Malaysia treks. Starting from Sungei Relau and ending in Kuala Tahan, it takes a fit individual 5 days and carrying an average load of 18 kg to cover the distance. For those who favour a shorter hill trek which can be covered within a day, Gunung Datuk would be a good choice as it involves trekking to the forest terrain and ending with climbing up big boulders to reach the summit.
Nearer to Kuala Lumpur city, there is the Bukit Tabur ridge. Its modest height belies the numerous obstacles which trekkers need to climb over with the utmost care.

There are numerous waterfalls in Malaysia although most of them are rather modest in height (about 5 to 10 m in height). Although there are some waterfalls which can be reached by car, there are many others which involve trekking through the forest and trudging across rivers. One of the most well-maintained trails is the Chiling waterfalls. It takes less than an hour to reach the main waterfall from the main road and there are five river crossings along the way. The trail is well-defined and does not require any guide. Not surprisingly, this waterfall is popular among the locals and can be quite crowded at weekends.


Malaysia mountains
Malaysia waterfalls

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