Malaysia Mountains

Bukit Tabur west ridge(Kuala Lumpur)

An excellent day trek location on the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. However, the steep terrain leave little margin for error for those who wish to trek the length of the ridgeline.

September 2009
Bukit Tibur West Ridge
Gunung Angsi (Negri Sembilan), 825m

Gunung Angsi is located in Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest which is a popular getaway for the locals during weekends. As it is close to Kuala Lumpur, it is possible to visit the city before heading back home.

December 2005
Gunung Angsi
Gunung Ayam (Kelantan), 1504m

See Jelawang Waterfall

March 2006
Gunung Ayam summit view
Gunung Bahar (Kelantan), 1309m

See Jelawang Waterfall

March 2006
Gunung Belumut (Johor), 1010m

At 1010m and just 2hrs ride away from Johor Bahru, it is a good get away over a weekend for those who wants to go high but not too far. But the ascent can be quite monotonous.

October 2003
Gunung Belumut
Gunung Datuk (Negri Sembilan), 870m

For mountains in Peninsula Malaysia under 1000m, Gunung Datuk provides one of the most interesting treks.

January 2008
Datuk summit view
Gunung Gayong, 2173m

See Titiwangsa Traverse

December 2000
Gunung Gayong summit view
Gunung Irau, 2110m

Although located at the perimeter of the Cameron Highland, this is not a trek for the unprepared. For those who dare venture into it, be prepared to step into a muddy “swamp” along the mountain ridges.

January 2005 
Gunung Korbu, 2183m

See Titiwangsa Traverse

December 2000
Gunung Korbu
Gunung Lambak, 510m

Gunung Lambak is a hill found at the edge of Kluang. This hill consist of two peaks and is used by the locals as a weekend getaway. The trek to both summits only take a day.

February 2004
Gunung Lambak
Gunung Ledang or Mt Ophir via Asahan (Johor), 1276m

This is a less popular route up Mt Ophir, 1276m. However, this route is shorter than the way from the more popular Sagil path.

November 2001
Gunung Ledang or Mt Ophir via Sagil (Johor), 1276m

Mt Ophir at 1276m is the most popular mountain in West Malaysia. The Sagil path is the most common way up Mt Ophir so much so that there is a resort at the bottom of the hill.

December 2008
Gunung Ledang (Mt Ophir)
Gunung Muntahak(Johor), 634m

This is one of the few mountains in Peninsula Malaysia that was easily accessible and yet clean and unspoilt. However, tin mining operations have just resumed and it may not be opened to public from the usual starting point.

March 2007
Gunung Muntahak
Gunung Panti via Forest route (Johor), 513m

This is 513m high hill is slowly gaining popularity with Singaporean. Situated near the town of Kota Tinggi, it is possible to complete the trip to the summit and back to Singapore within a day.

November 2003
Gunung Panti summit view
Gunung Panti via Lukut (Johor), 513m

This is a less popular and longer way up the hill. However, for trekkers who do not wish to go up and down the same way, this route offers an alternative way up the hill.

November 2003
Gunung Panti
Gunung Tahan via Sungei Relau (Pahang), 2187m

Gunung Tahan, 2187m is the highest mountain in West Malaysia. To many people, Gunung Tahan is the toughest nountain to climb in West Malaysia. The route starting from Sungei Relau ending in Kuala Tahan is perhaps the most interesting route to take.

June 2002
Gunung Tahan
Gunung Tapis (Pahang), 1512m,

Incomplete Information

Getting to the foot of this mountain is a challenge itself. Without the aid of a 4-wheel drive, the trek to the base is a 4hr long march on old logging trail with a few streams to cross in between. However, the information I have is not complete.

April 2004
Gunung Tiong (Johor)

Travel direction

October 2003

Gunung Uu Sepat (Perak-Kelantan border), 2161m

The trek to the top of Ulu Sepat, 2161m, takes you through forest and rugged terrains. This perhaps one of the least frequent treks in West Malaysia. Recommended only for those who wanted to go for something more challenging.

October 2003
Gunung Ulu Sepat summit view
Gunung Yong Belar, 2181m

Titiwangsa Traverse

December 2000
Gunung Yong Yap (Perak), 2168m

While the view on many mountain summits along the Titiwangsa range is blocked by vegetation, there are a few windows where vegetations are cleared which allows trekkers to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Titiwangsa range.

April 2001
Gunung Yong Yap summit view
Titiwangsa Traverse (Perak-Pahang-Kelantan)

This traverse invloves climbing three peaks, Korbu (2183m), Yong Belar (2181m) and Gayong(2173m) which is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest peak in West Malaysia respectively.

December 2000
The 8 highest peaks in Peninsula Malaysia

1. Gunung Tahan (2187m)

2. Gunung Korbu (2183m)

3. Gunung Yong Belar (2181m)

4. Gunung Gayong (2173m)

5. Gunung Chamah (2171m)

6. Gunung Yong Yap (2168m)

7. Gunung Ulu Sepat (2161m)

8. Gunung Gerah (2103m)


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