Lembayung Waterfall

Lembayung waterfall (June 2001)

Lembayung waterfall (June 2001)

This is a relatively small but beautiful waterfall. At 25m high, it is hardly spectacular. Although it does not have the size, it has a nice, clean pool at the bottom where you can enjoy a cool dip and a quiet surrounding, as there are very few visitors. The area is also very clean and unspoiled.

The trek to the waterfall (June 2001)

The trek to the waterfall (June 2001)

The peaceful serenity of the waterfall and its surroundings belie what is happening outside it. The route to the waterfall involves a ride through logging areas where active logging is still taking place. Trucks with its overhead exhaust discharge thick fumes as it carries the timbers from where the great trees had fallen. After which, the bus ride would bring you to the starting point of the trek in an oil palm plantation. From there, it is another forty-five minutes of trekking on old logging trails and small jungle paths before reaching the waterfall. The trek is easy without any technical sections but there are a stream or two to cross.

Once you reached the waterfall, its large deep pool beckons you to jump straight into it. The beautiful waterfall is a playground for those who like to swim and play in the water. Any good swimmer can swim right under the waterfall and behind the falling water into the gap at the bottom of it. But, as you enjoy the water, there is one predator that lurks in the water which you have to watch out for. It is a monster leech. The guide calls it the buffalo leech. It is probably the biggest leech in Peninsula Malaysia. The one I saw measures 15cm in length and 1.5cm in diameter at its base. Luckily, we manage to remove it before any damage is done.

One way to visit this waterfall is by going through Tasek Bera Resort although it can be quite expensive, at about Rm40 per person. The bus journey from the resort to the starting point of the trek is also quite long, about an hour twenty minutes. There may be other way of getting to the waterfall, but this is the only way known to me. For those who do not mind paying the money and at the same time want to go to a nice and quiet waterfall that offers some light trekking, this is certainly one good choice.


Getting There
(through Tasek Bera Resort)

From Singapore to Waterfall
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

From Johor Bahru, take a train from Johor Bahru Railway station to Triang Railway Station.

Cost: Rm16

Duration: 1hr 45min
Arrange with the Tasek Bera Resort for transport to the resort.

From the resort to the Waterfall

Cost : Rm40 per person (Rm20 per person if you have own transport)

Duration : 1hr 20min vehicle ride followed by 45min of trekking


Kompleks Pelancongan Tasek Bera

Mini Pos Bandar 32 Bera

28300 Triang

Pahang Darul Makmur.

09 276 2505


Email: azizplrb@tm.net.my

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