Jerangkang waterfall

Date: 09 December 2000

Updated: August 2006

Jerangkang waterfall

Jerangkang waterfall which consist of 7 cascades

Scattered around Kuantan, there are many waterfalls where trekkers can visit. Perhaps the most popular and well-known waterfall found there is the Berkelah waterfall. However, there is another waterfall, which is very close to it but not many Singaporean had heard of its name. That is, Jerangkang waterfall. In fact, they are so near that the start of the trek to Jerangkang waterfall is the same as that of Berkelah waterfall, outside Berkelah Restoran. Although both waterfalls are of comparable height, both look very different from one another. While water of Berkelah waterfall has a smooth unbroken ride down, the Jerangkang waterfall consists of seven cascades as it drops down from its highest point.

To get to Jerangkang waterfall, the best way is to have a vehicle to bring you all the way to the campsite. The distance from the main road to the campsite is about 15km and consists mainly of dirt tracks. Thus it is rather boring for anyone who wanted to trek to the campsite.

But things becomes very much more interesting after the main campsite. The trek from the main campsite to the main waterfall is about an hour. There are basically two ways to the main waterfall, the waterway and the land route. Both routes are quite easy and will join together at about two-third the journey to the main waterfall. It is impossible to keep your feet dry for the trek from the campsite to the main waterfall, as either for ways, there is a river crossing to be made. There are several waterfalls that can be seen along the way to the main fall too.

There are basically two campsites that can be chosen from. The main campsite is big and there are some stone tables and benches for hikers to use. It is also the end of your ride on a vehicle. The river is just beside thus water is easily assessable although there is no large pool to swim in. The other campsite is about 5 minutes walk towards the main waterfall and smaller and sheltered by the trees in the campsite. There is a small waterfall near it and just under the waterfall is a large pool for swimming. Water can be collected from the side of the waterfall.

Waterfall just beside campsite 2

Waterfall just beside campsite 2

Jerangkang waterfall has its own unique beauty even though it is strictly speaking no one waterfall, but consist of several smaller ones. It is the ideal place for anyone who ones to go on a weekend trip to a beautiful waterfall and is willing to pay for the transport to the main campsite. At the smaller campsite, you can enjoy a cool dip or just sit beside the small waterfall. Even at the main waterfall, you can also swim in the pool that is formed at the bottom of the “last” cascade.

Getting There

From Singapore to Kuantan
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kuantan Express Bus Terminal

Inter-city Express Bus Service : South-Johor Express (Transit Link)
Bus timing : 2350 (Last bus)
Cost : Rm 20 per person
Duration : 5hrs 30 mins
Remarks : Super VIP bus
: Better to reach the terminal an hour or two earlier to confirm the timing of the last bus.
: For the last bus, wait for it in front of the counter instead of at the platform.
Return bus timings from Kuantan to Larkin
1045 hrs

1200 hrs

1430 hrs

2245 hrs

2359 hrs

0100 hrs

*** December 2000 ***

From Kuantan Interchange (Express Bus Station) to Berkelah Restoran
From Kuantan Interchange (Express Bus Station), walk to the local or old bus terminal which is south of the bus interchange along Jalan Besar road. It is located beside Sungei Kuantan.

Kuantan Map

Kuantan Map

Take a bus to Berkelah Restoran
Sri Jengka (Kuantan to Maran)
Cost : Rm 3 per person
Duration : 45 min
Remarks : Tickets are bought on the bus
Bus timing : 1130 (hourly)

*** December 2000 ***


Private Transport
Contact : Mr Lao Lin
Handphone number : 012-983-6932
Cost : Rm 30 per person for two ways
Description : School bus

*** August 2006 ***

From Berkelah Restoran to Jerangkang Campsite 1

(For those who don’t mind spending the money)

Contact 1 : Mr Hata or Mr Haji Taha
Handphone number : +60-19-942-8294 (Mr Hata)
Home number : +60-16-094-789-202
Cost : Rm 15 per person per way
Description : 4-wheel drive

Trek Details

*** December 2000 ***

Description Instructions Remarks
Berkelah Restoran Cross road and go west along main road(turn left facing the road)
Sign Board”Pejabat Risda sub-stensen Paya Bungor, Kuantan, Pahang Daru Makmur” Turn right Tar road;Malay village followed by a rubber plantation
Y-Junction [ In front of hut ] Turn left The main road is not obvious
X-Junction Go straight
X-Junction Go straight
Y-Junction Turn right(descending) Main road is not obvious
X-Junction Go straight End of rubber plantation in front; Road is muddy from here onwards
Small stream Cross Water is ankle level
Stream Cross Water is knee level at some point
Y-Junction Right
Stream Cross Water above ankle level
Campsite 1 To main waterfall;Keep to the right side of the road Beside stream;Some wooden tables present; Accommodate 6 to 8 tents
Campsite 2 Path to main waterfall is on the right edge of the river. Near small waterfall;Sheltered by trees;Accommodate 4 to 5 tents
Y-Junction Turn left
Y-Junction Turn right
Inverted Y-Junction Go straight
Medium waterfall Cross the river;Go up road and walk up, along log
Main waterfall Consist of 7 cascades
Useful Timings
Berkelah Restoran to starting point(signboard) – 10 min
Starting to end of rubber plantation – approx 1 hr
Starting point to campsite 1 – approx 2 hrs 40 min
Starting point to campsite 2 – approx 2 hrs 45 min
Campsite 2 to main waterfall – approx 45 min
Total time taken to reach main waterfall from Berkelah Restoran – approx 3 hrs 40 min

Swarms of mosquitoes in the rubber plantation

Mosquitoes present at campsite 1 and 2

Leeches are rare


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