Gunung Tapis

Height: 1512m

Date: 11 April 2004

Gunung Tapis is a relatively untouched mountain found near a small Chinese town, Sungei Lembing in Pahang. Its relative inaccessibility is probably one of the reasons why not many people visit it. At a height of 1512m and its remoteness, the trek to its summit requires a certain level of fitness especially if it is your intention to reach complete the trek within two days. The information I have here is not complete, as I did not manage to reach the summit of this mountain.

Depending on your mode of transport, the trek to the summit may either take an average of 8hrs or 12hrs. Going by a lorry, the vehicle can only send you to the junction where one road leads to Gunung Tapis and the other leads to Rainbow waterfall. The road that leads to Gunung Tapis goes into a river which only a 4-wheel drive (4WD) can cross. Going by 4WD, you can ride for another hour before a stream with steeper banks may mean that you have to alight and travel by foot for the rest of the way. If the driver is willing, the ride can continue for another 20mins to campsite 2 before going into a small trail up the mountain by foot.

The trek along the old logging trail follows the river by the side thus water source is not a problem. The trail is undulating and the journey is very hot as there is little shade. Once the trek breaks-off into a small trail away from the old logging trail, the next water source is about 4hrs of trek away. Just before reaching the campsite where there is a stream, there is a 15mins descend. Crossing this stream, there is another stream to cross 10mins later before continuing the ascent. The ascent is quite steep. My trek ends an hour into the steep ascent.

Getting There

From Singapore to Kuantan
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kuantan

(Economic class)

Transnasional : Rm17.80
Bus Duration : 5hrs

From Kuantan to Sungei Lembing (town)

Take Local Bus : Ke Gebeng
Colour of bus : Green base
Walk to the local or old bus terminal which is south of the bus interchange along Jalan Besar road. It is located beside Sungei Kuantan.
Cost : Rm3 per person for non-air-con, Rm3.20 per person for air-con
Bus frequency : Hourly
Estimated first bus from Kuantan : 0700hrs
Estimated last bus from Kuantan : 1800hrs
Remarks : The bus makes a U-turn at Sungei Lembing before returning to Kuantan


Take cab: Rm40 per cab

Mr Abu

Tel: 0139344030

Transport cost: Rm50 per person
Transport from Kuantan Express bus terminal to Sungei Lembing and back.
Transport from Sungei Lembing to starting point of trek by truck and back.

Transport cost from Sungei Lembing to starting point of trek by truck: Rm30 per truck

Cost of guide: Rm120 per night per guide

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