Gunung Stong, Gunung Baha and Gunung Ayam

Jelawang Waterfall, Gunung Stong(1422m), Gunung Baha(1309m), Gunung Ayam(1504m)


September 2001

Details of the trek is updated on May 2003
Updates: March 2006



One of the many caves system near Dabong Railway station (11 May 2000)

The Jelawang jungle in Kelantan offers a variety of trekking opportunities and different level of comforts. At the “entrance” to the jungle is the Perdana Stong Hill Resort and an hour of uphill trek through leech-infested ground is the Baha’s campsite. Around the area, waterfalls and several mountains to suit the different interest of the trekkers. Caving is also available near to the Dabong Railway station. A trip to the caves can be arranged with the guides.

The many treks available meant that visitors would not be bored when they visit the Jelawang jungle. To start with, there are 4 caves (Gua Ikan, Gua Kris, Gua Pagar, Gua Gelap) near the railway station where you can explore. The caves are still relatively clean and the structures intact but with further human intrusions and lack of control, it is just a matter of time the condition of the caves deteriorate. Other than the Jelawang waterfall, which is claimed to be the highest in South East Asia at a height of 305m, there are also several smaller ones along the stream. The stream, with its many pools and potholes, is a great playground for people who love mountain streams. Apart from the three most commonly climbed mountains mentioned above, there are six others that can be found in the region. For those who want to take up the challenge, it is possible to climb all nine mountains in a week.

Jelawang waterfall

The famous Jelawang waterfall or better known as the Stong waterfall(11 May 2000)

The Perdana Stong Hill Resort offers visitors with the comfort of the city while the Baha’s campsite is the ideal campsite for the more rugged. The Perdana Stong Hill Resort is located at the foot of the Stong waterfall. The area is well maintained and the rooms are clean. Visitors can take a short walk to the waterfall to enjoy the cool mountain water from their chalets. Far away from the busy cities, this is a very good place to relax. The Baha’s campsite is located at the top of the Jelawang waterfall. This is where most of the guides stay during the trekking season. There are a few huts, toilets and a shelter built by the guides from the Baha’s Adventure Team. As the campsite is situated just beside the stream, water is easily available and the shelter equipped with tables and chairs is a good place to consume your meals. Just a few minutes walk to the back of the campsite is another waterfall with a deep pool, which is the ideal place to bath and swim in.

The guides there are the best I have met in West Malaysia. They are very friendly and as most of the guides can speak English, there is no problem with communication. The guides have a good knowledge of the wildlife that can be found there and they often share them with the trekkers. Although there are many plus points for visiting the Jelawang jungle, there are still some things that make it less ideal. Along the lower treks, there are leeches that welcome anyone who enter its “country”. The summit view may not be very spectacular on some of the mountains due to presence of trees that block the scenery although the undergrowth is sparse. It may not be a good idea to visit it during the monsoon season due to the dangers of flash flood when it rains. Thus always listen to the instructions of the guides.

Jelawang jungle offers one of the best treks in the country. It is best to visit the place now, as the place is still very clean and affordable. With its variety of treks, good accommodation and more importantly, superb guides, it promised to be an enjoyable trip for anyone who is going. One would strongly recommend this place for anyone who wanted to get away from the city and who do not mind getting a bit dirty.

Summit view

Morning view at the campsite near summit of Gunung Ayam(12 May 2000)

Getting There

From Dabong railway station, the guide from Baha’s Adventure Team will take over.
From Dabong railway station to Stong resort

Cost of transport : RM2.00 per person/trip
Duration : 10mins
Boat ride across river : RM0.60 per person/trip
Cost of transport to Stong resort : RM2.00 per person/trip
Duration : (to be confirmed)



Stong resort entrance fee : RM 3(to be confirmed)
Guide fee per day for climb to mountain : RM 70 per guide
Guide fee per day to caves/waterfall : RM 50 per guide
Campsite fee per night : RM3.00 per person

September 2001



Baha’s Adventure Team

Jelawang Jungle, 18200 Dabong Kelantan D.N, Malaysia


Perdana Stong Hill Resort and Adventure Camp Office

Kampung Jelawang, 18200 Dabong, Kelantan. West Malaysia


September 2001


Contact person: Rahmat Shamsudin


Phone: 019 954 6171

Updated: March 2006

Trek Details

Updated: May 2003

Duration (min) Description Instructions Remarks
Caving near Dabong station
00 Outside train station Put bags in stores at train station and take a van to the cave Remember to bring torch and water
05 Road side Walk to the entrance of the cave led by the guide. Vegetation can be quite thick
10 Cave entrance Some part of the cave is so narrow that you have to crawl and squeeze through.
10 Out of cave Trek uphill Move to a limestone cave
15 Cave entrance
08 Big cave
30 Entered a small cave opening to reach another cave called Cage Cave (Pagar Cave).
12 Main road Go down the road to Gua Ikan Big signboard by the road
04 Water pool under Big stone Relax and wait for van back to train station
05 Train station
Journey to the Stong resort
00 Main road outside train station Walk along main road straight ahead.
05 Y-Junction Turn left on Jalan Penjabat
02 Y-Junction Turn right on Jalan Penanbang
03 Jetty Take sampan across river
12 Other side of river Take van to Stong resort Pay only on the return trip.
20 Reach Stong resort
Trek to Base camp
00 Beside waterfall Steep ascent by side of river
13 Reach main waterfall
27 Flat rock Steep ascent
25 Baha Jelawang Campsite ! (450m)

Trek to Gunung Baha and Gunung Ayam

Duration(min) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Jelawang campsite Set off
43 Sungei Rantai Cross river. Have to climb up a steep part using a metal chain.
100 Waterfall Cross river Lunch point
160 Gunung Baha summit (1309m)
08 Slow flowing stream Last water point
20 Gunung Ayam summit (1504m)
10 Campsite
00 Set off (Back trek)
30 Slow flowing stream
20 Gunung Baha summit
100 Waterfall Cross river Lunch point
100 Sungei Rantai Cross river
55 Jelawang campsite

Trek to Gunung Stong

From To Duration Description
Junction of route to G. Baha/Ayam and G. Stong Gunung Stong summit 2hrs The junction is quite near the river on the way to G. Baha/Ayam

The above timings vary from individual fitness to size of group. It should only be used as a very rough guide.

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I would like to thank Xuanhao and Faith for providing me with the updates on the details of the trek.


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