Gunung Panti via Lukut

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Height: 513m

via Lukut area

Date: March 2006

Updated: November 2003

Gunung Panti

Gunung Panti as seen from the base of the mountain(08 Feb 2003)

Gunung Panti is a small hill found near the town of Kota Tinggi, Johor. As it is just over an hour of ride away from Singapore and relatively low, it is a good introduction to those who wanted to scale higher mountains in Peninsula Malaysia. Gunung Panti does not have much to offer in terms of view from the summit and the only water supply is the stream near to the starting point. Although there is a gully where there is some water at the first campsite, the water supply is unreliable and not suitable for drinking. However, for the lucky trekkers, monkeys can be seen on the plateau although they are more often heard than seen. Luminous microscopic fungus can also be seen on ground at the summit at the edge of the tent pitching area. However, it can only be seen if the surrounding is dark and it had not rain earlier in the day.

Along the way to the starting point of the trek, Gunung Panti can be easily recognized as it is in actual fact, a plateau. The Lukut route is easy without any technical sections and it would lead to the middle of the plateau instead of straight to the summit. This route is also relatively clean and less traveled by both Malaysians and Singaporeans alike.

Gunung Panti

Gunung Panti as seen from the base of the mountain(08 Feb 2003)

The starting part of the trek is in a fruit plantation. However, after a few minutes of trek, the trail leads into vegetated area although tree cover is still quite sparse. Thus the initial part of the trek can get quite hot. After about half an hour of trek, the trail would lead into the forest. Leeches can be quite common at this lower part of the hill. Nearer to the top of the plateau, the trail would be steeper. But once the top of the plateau is reached, the rest of the way to the summit is relatively flat with only some slight ascent and descent.

Steeo ascebt

The trek gets steeper towards the top of the plateau (08 Feb 2003)

There are actually two campsites on the plateau. Going along the plateau, the first campsite is reached after about 20mins of trekking. There is a gully near this campsite where there is some water. However, the water here is brownish in colour although it is clear. It is not advisable to use the water here for drinking. The summit is another half an hour trek where the second campsite is located. There is no water at the summit. Along the way to the summit, the trail is muddy at certain point.

Although Gunung Panti can be covered within a day, it is advisable to spend a night at the summit. Sometimes, the luminous fungus can cover a wide area away from the main camping area. However, they are just luminous and do not glow thus they can be quite difficult to spot. The trail from the Lukut area is also clean due to less human traffic. Gunung Panti trek is a good getaway from the city life without having to rush to get back to Singapore in time.

Summit view

The view from the summit of Gunung Panti (08 March 2003)

*** November 2003 ***

Getting There

From Singapore to Johor Bahru
Take SBS bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru
From Larkin(Johor Bahru Bus Interchange) to Kota Tinggi Bus Interchange
Bus Service : G.P. EXPRESS(Platform 33)
Frequency : Hourly
Cost : RM 3.50 per person
Remarks : Free seating

Find out which bus bay to take the bus

*** September 2004 ***


Bus Service : Causeway Link bus no. 66
Frequency : 15-20 min
Cost : RM 3.50 per person
Duration : 1 hr
Remarks : Free seating

Bus tickets are bought on the bus itself

This is not an express bus so the bus would make frequent stops in towns along the way

*** September 2004 ***

From Kota Tinggi to Gunung Panti
Tell the driver that you are going to Gunung Panti via Lukut.

Cost : RM 10-15 per vehicle (for one way)
Rm 35 to Rm 45 (for two ways)
Duration : 20 min

*** March 2003 ***


From Johor Bahru/Kota Tinggi to Gunung Panti
Chartered vehicle
Contact person : Idris
Contact Numbers : 07-8911084(H)
Remarks : Can speak passable English

*** March 2003 ***

Trek Details

*** November 2003 ***

Duration(min) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Starting point
05 T-Junction Turn right
03 Wooden gate Go across
05 Y-Junction Turn left
02 Stream Cross stream
13 T-Junction Go straight The junction is not obvious
02 Y-Junction Turn right Upslope, signboard at the opposite side of the route saying “Ke Gunung Panti”
20 Big rock Trail is behind the rock.
05 Trail leads to the right Start of steep ascend
15 T-Junction on top of plateau To summit, go straight.Turn left to see view of the southern part of Johor; End of steep ascend.
The road here is actually on top of the Panti plateau running from east to west
06 Y-Junction [Sign board]”Ke Tapak Perkemahan” Turn left
04 T-Junction Turn left
10 Campsite Go straight Unreliable water source
30 Summit, campsite No water supply

Total time taken to reach summit from starting point: 2hrs

Note: In 2006, there were reports of big-foot sighting in the region and forest rangers were stationed at the starting point of the trek to check for permits. However, a fellow trekker has kindly informed me that the forest ranger is no longer there.

*** July 2007 ***

According to a fellow trekker, since the beginning of the year 2006, forest rangers are stationed at the starting point of the trek to check for permits.
Permit can be applied from the Forestry Department, Penisular Malaysia in Johore

Pejabat Hutan Daerah

Johor Selatan

Aras 9, Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Jalan Bukit Timbalan

80000 Johor Bahru

Permit Cost : Rm150 per group
Contact number : 60-7224 3048
Information to provide : Namelist, Passport number, Contact number

*** March 2006 ***


Pejabat Perhutanan Negeri Johor

Tingkat 2, Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Jalan Bukit Timbalan

80990 Johor Bharu

Telephone : 07-2243566 Fax : 07-2243840

Mr Koh Hock Lye, Director.

Johore State Forestry Dept


*** November 2003 ***

See also Gunung Panti via Forest route

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