Gunung Panti via Forest route

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Height: 513m

Date: 09 March 2003
Updated: November 2003

Summit view

View from the summit of Gunung Panti(16 November 2000)

Gunung Panti is a small hill near the town of Kota Tinggi. As it is just 1.5hrs ride away from Singapore, it is gaining popularity for Singaporeans who wanted to get away from the city life for a day or two. Although this trek can be completed within a day, spending a night at the summit campsite may prove worthwhile as there are luminous macroscopic fungi growing at the edges of the main camping area. They are quite easy to spot in very dark areas. But as they do not glow, the eyes have to be attentive to spot them if there is moonlight.

The route described here is the most common route taken by both Singaporeans and Malaysians. Since my driver, Idris known it as Forest route, I would call it by the same name. The other trail is via Lukut. Unless the driver knows where is the starting point of the Forest route, it can be quite difficult to spot for those who had not been there before. The starting point is about 45mins walk along the main road from Kota Tinggi waterfall resort (Wet World resort) towards Kota Tinggi town at a road junction. It is the first road junction coming from the Wet World resort towards the town. Coming from the resort, you can ask the driver to turn left, as it is still tarred road, into the fruit plantation so as to reduce a few hundred meters of walking. I would personally prefer to trek up via Lukut route and come down by the Forest route and walk towards the resort to take a bus, taxi or van back to the town unless transport is already arranged.

The initial part of the Forest route is relatively flat. However, the trail soon becomes undulating and at certain points, is muddy. The challenging part of this route is that there is a very steep ascent towards the summit. There are some fixed ropes to assist in the steep ascent. However, after overcoming this steep portion, the summit is about 10m away. This route is also reported to be leech infested, although I’ve not encountered any during my last two trips there.

Start of steep section

The start of the steep ascent(09 Feb 2003)


Steep section

There are fixed ropes to assist in the ascent of the steep section near the summit(09 Feb 2003)

The Forest route is more interesting than the Lukut route although ascending and descending via the same way may be a bit monotonous. On the Forest route, the last water source is near the beginning of the trek and from there, there is no water at all. Thus parties going up and camping have to bring all the water that they need. As this is a small hill and the trek is simple, it is an ideal place to take a break from the city life while not that far from civilization.

*** March 2003 ***

Getting There

From Singapore to Johor Bahru
Take SBS bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru

From Larkin(Johor Bahru Bus Interchange) to Kota Tinggi Bus Interchange

Bus Service : G.P. EXPRESS(Platform 33)
Frequency : Hourly
Cost : RM 3.50 per person
Remarks : Free seating

Find out which bus bay to take the bus

*** September 2004 ***


Bus Service : Causeway Link bus no. 66
Frequency : 15-20 min
Cost : RM 3.50 per person
Duration : 1 hr
Remarks : Free seating

Bus tickets are bought on the bus itself

This is not an express bus so the bus would make frequent stops in towns along the way

*** September 2004 ***

From Kota Tinggi to Gunung Panti
From Kota Tinggi Interchange to Wet World resort entrance (Starting Point of trek)

Tell the driver that you are going to Kota Tinggi waterfall.

Cost : RM 2 per person
Duration : approx. 30-45min
Remarks : Bus ticket is bought on the bus

Bus stop at the carpark in front of Wet World resort

There is no bus shelter

The bus makes a U-turn in the carpark of the Wet World resort before heading back to town.

*** September 2003 ***

From Kota Tinggi Interchange to Wet World resort entrance (Starting Point of trek)

Tell the driver that you are going to Kota Tinggi waterfall.

Cost : RM 10-12 per vehicle (for one way)
Duration : 20 min

*** September 2004 ***

By Van
Cost : RM 3 per person
Duration : 20 min
Remarks : Usually taken on the way back from resort to Kota Tinggi town

*** September 2004 ***

From Johor Bahru to Gunung Panti
Take taxi from Johor Bahru (outside customs) to starting point of trek

Cost : RM 50 per cab
Duration : 1 hr

*** 27 June 2001 ***

From Johor Bahru/Kota Tinggi to Gunung Panti
Chartered vehicle
Contact person : Idris
Contact Numbers : 07-8911084(H)


Johor Bahru customs to Wet World resort entrance
Cost of van (10 seater) : RM 100 (one way)
Duration : 1 hr
From Kota Tinggi town to Wet World resort entrance or back
Cost of van (10 seater) : Rm 3 per person or Rm 10 per van whichever is a higher price (one way)
Duration : 20 min
Remarks : Can speak passable English

*** September 2003 ***

Trek Details
Duration(min) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Starting point at the junction at the main road Turn left from the main road (facing the direction towards town) Fruit plantation
05 T-Junction Go straight  
05 Stream Cross the stream Just before the stream, there is a small trail that breaks off from the main trail on the left, this would lead to the stream where there are rocks that you can use to cross without getting your shoes wet.
08 Y-junction Turn left Gradual descent
22 Inverted Y-Junction Go straight (Left route)  
40 Start of steep ascent    
30 End of steep ascent Turn left  
02 Summit   Campsite

Total time taken to reach summit from starting point: 1hr 52mins

Note: In 2006, there were reports of big-foot sighting in the region and forest rangers were stationed at the starting point of the trek to check for permits. However, a fellow trekker has kindly informed me that the forest ranger is no longer there.

*** July 2007 ***

According to a fellow trekker, since the beginning of the year 2006, forest rangers are stationed at the starting point of the trek to check for permits.
Permit can be applied from the Forestry Department, Penisular Malaysia in Johore

Pejabat Hutan Daerah

Johor Selatan

Aras 9, Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Jalan Bukit Timbalan

80000 Johor Bahru

Permit Cost : Rm150 per group
Contact number : 60-7224 3048
Information to provide : Namelist, Passport number, Contact number

*** March 2006 ***


Pejabat Perhutanan Negeri Johor

Tingkat 2, Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Jalan Bukit Timbalan

80990 Johor Bharu

Telephone : 07-2243566 Fax : 07-2243840

Mr Koh Hock Lye, Director.

Johore State Forestry Dept


*** November 2003 ***

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