Gunung Ledang (Mt Ophir) via Sagil path

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Height: 1276 m

Date: 28 November 2001

Updated: 25 December 2008

(Updated: 25 Dec 2008)
Acknowledgement: Information given by Salleh
1) Now Start point is no longer at the resort. Its in Taman Lagenda.

2) No more camping overnight in the mountain. Only day trip allowed.

3) Due to the recent bad weathers, all climbs are cancelled to at least till February 2009.

Summit view

The view from the summit of Gunung Ledang (30 Nov 2001)

Gunung Ledang or Mt Ophir, is one of the most popular treks in Peninsular Malaysia. Hundreds of people flock to the mountain and its lower river during weekends. The most popular trek is via Sagil. There is also a legend of a fairy princess who is guarding the mountain. In fact, there are rumours of people sighting the princess while they are trekking in the mountain. For this reason, I would advise trekkers not to bring any pork up the mountain, after all, it is better to be safe than sorry…

There are many reasons that make this mountain so popular both to the locals and to Singaporeans. Situated in the state of Johor and at the height of 1276m, it is both near enough to Singapore and high enough to give one a reasonable sense of achievement. The obstacles found along the way to the summit also make the trek more interesting. With the development of a resort and the accessibility of the mountain via Sagil, there are adequate support in the form of guides and emergency arrangements to make this mountain one of the safest in Peninsula Malaysia.

However, all this popularity comes at a cost. This mountain is infamous for the hills of rubbish that piled up at the main campsite and for those who had not been to the mountain, the litters on the ground would show you the way. At last, the management of the mountain finally took some action and starts to clean up the mountain as well as impose a garbage deposit to ensure that things brought up to the mountain are taken down at the end of the day. Of course, this also comes at a price. Where it used to be free, it now costs RM10 to per adult to climb up the mountain.

Although this mountain is safe, one cannot afford to be complacent. There are occasion reports of incidence where trekkers fell down the waterfall, sustained injuries at the harder part of the climb or even struck by lightning especially at Botak hill. Theft is also common at the square pool, which is the most popular campsite, when trekkers leave their things unguarded.

Steep slope

Ascending a steep slope with the help of a fixed rope near to Botak hill(29 Nov 2001)

The wildlife there can be quite menacing. On Botak hill, rats would terrorize any campers who are having dinner on that hill. They can be quite bold and run through your feet when you are cooking. At the campsite 2 beside Sungei Segi Tua, I had seen mammals that look like porcupines (same size and armed with spikes), which are drawn to our dinner in the late evening. Pots and pans had to be thoroughly washed or else, had to be hung out of their reach or they may drag it away into the forest to enjoy the leftovers.

Mt Ophir is still a recommended trek for beginners to Malaysia’s mountains. The cost of the trek is relatively cheap compared to other mountains in Peninsula Malaysia and it is also very close to help if it is needed. The summit of the mountain also offers 360 degrees view of the surrounding although sometimes, mists and clouds can cover any scenery from the top. With proper care and attention, this can still be a nice trek if you do not really mind the litters (it was worse) and the crowd during weekends and public holiday.

Getting There

From Singapore to Segamat
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take an Express bus from Larkin to Segamat

Bus timing : … 1030 hrs …
Cost : Rm 10 per person
Duration : 3 hr 15 min

Sketch Map to Taman Hutan Lagenda
Ledang National Park Map
Courtesy of Salleh

Return trip from Sagil to Tangkak

Private transport

Sagil to Tangkak

  Cost : Rm5 per person
  Duration : 20mins
  Remarks : Ask from shophouses just outside the resort.

Return trip from Tangkak to Johor Bahru

Tangkak to Johor Bahru

*September 2003*

  Cost : between RM10 to RM11.20 per person

(Updated: 25 Dec 2008) Acknowledgement: Information given by Salleh Price List of Gunung Ledang Johor National Park (Commencing November 2008)



Malaysian Non-Malaysian
Adult Student* Adult Student*
*1 Entrance Permit per person RM 5 RM 3 RM 10 RM 5
*2 Hiking Permit per person RM 5 RM 3 RM 10 RM 5
3 Filming Permit RM 1000 per day
*4 Insurance** RM 2 RM 1 RM 2 RM 1
5 Park Certificate per person RM 5 RM 3 RM 5 RM 3
6 Climbers Certificate per person RM 10 RM 5 RM 10 RM 5
7 Dormitory (capacity 100 persons), Rate per night RM 10 RM 5 RM 10 RM 5
8 Deluxe Chalet (1 unit) RM 200 per unit per night
9 Standard Chalet (8 units) RM 100 per unit per night
10 Hut (23 units) RM 40 per unit per night
11 Campsite (rate per night per person) RM 5 RM 3 RM 5 RM 3
12 4-men tent rental RM 40 per tent
13 Air-conditioned Hall (max capacity 80 person) RM 200 per day
14 Open Hall (Max. capacity 150 person)” RM 800 per day
15 Gas stove Rm 35 per unit per day inclusive of gas
*16 Guide (1 Guide : 10 Climnbers), compulsory RM 70 per guide per day trip to Kolam Gajah
RM 140 per guide per day trip to Summit
RM 190 Crossing trail
17 Extreme Activities RM 15 per Student
RM 20 per Adult
Minimum: 50 person
Maximum: 100 person
18 Jungle Trekking Night Walk – RM 4 per person
Nature Interpretation – RM 6 per person
Minimum: 30 person
Maximum: 100 person
19 Canopy (Rental) RM 100
20 Stage (Rental), 16 ft x 16 ft RM 100
21 Transportation charges for Taman Hutan Lagenda (THL) (4WD/Car : 3 person only) – private vehicle(one way trip) RM 30.00 – from Gunung Ledang Resort to THL(Car)
RM 30.00 – from THL to Tangkak to THL (Car)
RM 50.00 – from THL to Segamat to THL(Car)
RM 100.00 – THL/Tangkak to Asahan(Car/Van/4WD)
RM 300.00 – THL to Plateau(Van/4WD)
22 Renting dormatory kitchen RM 100 per day for outside caterers
*23 Rubbish deposit for climbers RM 20 per person (refundable)
Student* – College and University students must produce their student pass.
Children < 7 years – No charges, except for those imposed by private operators.
Insurance** – Age below 18 years – RM 1
Researchers – Subject to charges imposed by Johor Parks Corporation.
(*) – Compulsory payment for hiking activities.
Check-In Time : Office Hour (8.00AM – 5.00PM)

Check-Out Time : 12.30 PM

Check out late after the time given, you will be charge RM 10.00 per unit for every 1 hour

Please inform tourist management if you want to spend more time in the resort

Price List (Nov 2008)


(Updated: 25 Dec 2008)
Acknowledgement: Information given by Salleh
Office Contact : 06-9631030 / 019-7772057

Fax No : 06-9631031

Email Address :

Other Information
(Updated: 25 Dec 2008)
Acknowledgement: Information given by Salleh

Park Regulations

registration form

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