Gunung Lambak

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Height: 510m

Date: 21 February 2004

View from Gn Lambak summit

View from summit of Gunung Lambak(21 February 2004)

Gunung Lambak is a 510m high hill found in the town of Kluang, Johor. This hill can be seen clearly from the town with its prominent twin peaks. Usually, Singaporeans give this hill a miss as there is an even higher hill, Gunung Belumut (1010m) which is half an hour away. However, this hill is suitable who trekkers who only want to go on a short, leisurely day hike. This hill is also easily accessible by local transport.

Due to its close proximity to the town, there are playgrounds at the foothill. During the weekends, it is common to see locals trekking on the hill as a family. Food stalls sprung out from the side of the road and numerous cars occupied the car park. Some children would be playing in the murky waters of the man-made pool while others would prefer the cleaner stream. There are also toilets at the foothill. The toilets look clean and constructed with wood to blend with the surrounding. However, entering the toilet and the sight and smell of ill-maintenance is obvious. The construction of the toilet is not completed at the inside. Sinks are left without taps and toilet bowl without flushing system.


Playground at the foot of the hill(21 Feb 2004)

For most trekkers, it would only take an hour of trek up the prominent trail to reach the left-summit. There is a tar road for the initial part of the trek. Wooden steps soon replaced the tar road as the route steepens. Ropes are tied to the side of the trail to assist the tired trekker. The uphill trek can be quite tiring as the route is steep for most part of the journey. At the top of the left-summit, there are two benches and a small shelter. There is also a signboard on a lightning rod to indicate the top of the hill. From this summit, the town of Kluang can be seen clearly.

To reach the right-summit, there is a small trail behind the shelter. Following this trail would lead to the other summit marked by two wooden benches and a direction post. This would take about half an hour. However, as the trees on this summit are not cleared, there is no view. But the canopy provides welcoming shade from the sun. The descent would be by another trail. However, there are no ropes to assist in the descent via this route. After half an hour of trek, the trail leads back to the starting point.

Gunung Lambak

Gunung Lambak can be seen from the Kluang railway station(21 Feb 2004)

Getting There

From Singapore to Kluang
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru
Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kluang

Bus service: OCHARD EXPRESS (Platform 41)
Frequency : Hourly
Cost : Rm 6.40 per person
Duration : 1hr 40mins


By Train, (either from Tanjong Pagar Railway station in Singapore or from Johor Bahru) to Kluang

Check out train timing:
From Johor Bahru : there is a departure from J.B at 1036hrs
Cost : Rm4 (lowest class, may not have seats)
Duration : 1hr 40mins

From Kluang to Gunung Lambak
Cost : Rm6 per cab
Duration : 15mins
Remarks : You may arrange for the cab to come back to pick you up at extra cost or by bus (See below)
Return trip,
Take local bus,

Walk along main road for about 15mins until there is a T-junction turning to the right.

Keep to the right side of the road and wait for local bus. There is no designated bus stop.

Bus journey : 30mins
Cost : Rm0.70 per person

Trek Details
Follow prominent path to the first summit on the left.

Time taken: 1hr

To the next summit, follow small trail behind the shelter.

After 20mins, the bottom of a saddle is reached.

Y-junction. The trail on the right although probably both trail would lead to the other summit.

The second summit is reached 10mins from the saddle.

Move down the trail for 4m. Y-junction, turn left. Walk for another 3m, Y-junction, turn left.

Follow the trail down for about 30mins and the starting point of the trek is reached.

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