Gunung Irau

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Height: 2110m

Date: 24 January 2005

Apart from the “tourist trail” on the Cameron Highlands, there is another mountain nearby that can offer something more rugged for the more adventurous. Gunung Irau is one mountain that can be easily reached from Cameron Highland. The trail to its summit is obvious although one have to take note that there is a false summit before the true summit. The starting point of the trek is near the summit of Gunung Brinchang, which is just a few meters lower than Gunung Irau. As the trek is always above 1000m, the air is cool and refreshing unlike most other Malaysia treks, which starts from the lowland tropical rainforest.

Due to the high human traffic, the damp mossy forest of that altitude turns to muddy, soggy mudflats where too much human feet had trampled on. Though one may try to avoid stepping into the mud, it is just a matter of time for the shoes to turn into muddy lumps. Attempts to avoid the mud by stepping on the mosses at the side of the trail will only aggravate the situation and enlarge the mud covered trail. As the starting point of the trek is close to the summit of a mountain, it is apparent that one needs to make a descent before ascending to the summit of Gunung Irau.

The descent down the side of Gunung Brinchang is a very long and very muddy journey. Once you reached the saddle, the trail up Gunung Irau is steep and less muddy as a result. But, there is still enough mud on the trail to make your hands and feet muddy. At the end of this ascent is the false summit where there is space for tents. The trail continues on the left side with a very steep descend before ascending to the true summit of Gunung Irau, which is marked by a signboard. There is no water source throughout the whole route thus it is essential that one brings sufficient water for the return journey.

As cab drivers did not like to drive up the steep road up Gunung Brinchange, one has to find a 4-wheel drive to go to the starting point, which is at a clearing by the right side of the road close to the summit. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find 4-wheel drivers in the main town of Tanah Rata.

Getting There

From Singapore to Tapah
Take bus 170 to Larkin bus terminal (Johor Bahru)

Take another bus to Tapah

(Alight outside Caspian Bus Express Service which is part of a Coffee Shop)

Cost : RM 45 to 55 per person (Super Express)
Duration : 6 hrs 30 min
Remarks : Super VIP (1 free small mineral water per person)

From local bus terminal (along Jalan Raja) to Tanah Rata

Regal Transport Co. Ltd

To get to local bus terminal, facing the foodstall, go left along the main road. At the first junction where there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), turn right. Local bus terminal is on the left side of the road.

Cost : RM 4.70 per person (RM 5 per person for air-conditioned bus)
Duration : 2 hrs
Remarks : Tickets bought on bus

From Tanah Rata to starting point of trek on Gunung Bringchang,

4-Wheel drive

Cost : Rm 15 per person (two ways)
Duration : 30 mins
Remarks : Arrange with the drivers the timing and location to pick up trekkers

Trek Details
Duration (min) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Open patch on the right side of the road near to the summit of Gunung Bringchang Starting point is on the left side of the open patch, up a small steep slope before descending
50 Signboard (1.9km to Gunung Irau)
65 Signboard (To G. Irau 1.55km; From G. Brinchang 0.8km)
45 Bottom of saddle Steep ascend
20 Signboard (To G. Irau 0.95km; Fr. G. Brinchang 1.4km)
20 False summit Path on the left side, steep descend before ascending
45 Signboard (to G. Irau 0.35km; Fr. G. Brinchang 2km)
25 Summit
Starting point to saddle 2 hrs 40 min
From saddle to false summit 40 min
From false summit to true summit 1 hr 10 min
From starting point to true summit 4 hrs 30 min

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  1. #1 by Andy 2244 on July 29, 2015 - 2:01 am

    Mountain Guide Service(licenced)TG
    Will arrange:
    -forestry permit
    -police report
    -nature guide
    -emergency kit(basic)
    -4×4 transport to mossy forest
    -walkie talkie

    Also.provided “night hiking irau” about to see sunrise from irau peak(daypack)


  2. #2 by Low Hao Jie on August 23, 2017 - 8:49 am


    I’m could call me HJ.
    I wanna to rent a 4wheel vehicle from my accommodate( somewhere in carema heighland not far from gunung irau)to gunung irau.
    May I have your contact number??

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