Gunung Belumut

Date: 26 October 2003


Gunung Belumut summit

View from summit of Gunung Belumut (31 March 2002)

This mountain is 1010m high and is located 18km east of Kluang, Johor. It usually takes any
healthy individual about one full day to ascend and descend from the mountain. For a small
group, it is usually more common to travel there and start climbing immediately, camping near
the summit. Thus it only takes 2 days 1 night for a return trip to Singapore.

There is now a resort at the entrance of the mountain and the road leading from outside the plantation into the resort area is now tarred nicely. A guardhouse with a guard inside just at the entrance to the resort area would want to see a nominal roll of the participants with a police stamp on it before allowing you to climb the mountain. The resort offers two types of chalet a toilet and food stalls. Thus the mountain can get quite crowded over the weekends. Entry to the mountain is still free at the moment but it is now necessary to pay a fee to climb the mountain. The resort management would help to inform the State Director Forestry.

There are two types of chalets but both are without air-conditioning or fan. Chalet A is situated beside the carpark and it is quite big (easily accommodate 12 persons). It comes with a kitchen, toilet shower facilities, 3 rooms and a living room. However, it is pretty run down due to lack of maintenance and there is only a single fluorescent light in the living room. But there is only electrical supply over the weekend from 8pm to mid-night. Chalet B is large wooden A-frame hut located beside the secondary forest. There is a toilet inside but it can be quite dirty. There is also a gap at the edge of the A-frame, which may allow unwelcome visitors to enter.

Gunung Belumut waterfall

Small waterfall on Gunung Belumut near a campsite 40mins from starting point of trek.(26 Oct 2003)

There is nothing much the mountain can offer other than its height, proximity to Singapore and a rock structure known as the Tiger’s jaw or Crown Rock (Batu Mahkota), a rock which looks like a giant crown. It is still quite clean as not many people visit the mountain but with the resort at the base of the mountain and the resulting increase in popularity, more rubbish are being dumped on the mountain. There is a very nice stream at the base of the mountain where trekkers can take a cool dip at the end of the trek. There is also a small waterfall about a storey high near a campsite 40mins from the starting point of the trek

Gunung Belumut Tiger's Jaw

The “Tiger’s Jaw” rock structure(23 May 2000)

The trek up the mountain can be quite tiring. From the starting point of the trek, it is uphill
for most part of the climb, passing through primary forest. The first half of the trek is quite
gentle and it slowly becomes steeper as one approaches the summit. There is nothing technical
about the trek, although at certain sections, you may need to get your hands dirty.

There are several campsites for this trek. The best campsite is the one that is located at near
the starting point, beside the stream. There is one at the near bank that can hold about 20
people and another one at the opposite bank that can hold another 20. There is another campsite
that can hold about 20 people after about 15min trek on the right side of the trail. Some people
may prefer this campsite for more privacy. The water supply is about 3min walk down a trail at
the other end of the campsite.

There are two campsites near the summit. The first one is quite small and is about 30min walk
from the summit. That can hold about 12 people and it is sheltered from the elements by stunned
trees. The water supply is a pathetic slow flowing stream about 10min walk towards the left side
of the campsite. This campsite is easily identifiable by rubbish left behind by other
inconsiderate trekkers. The last campsite is just 30m further up the mountain, also known as the
Botak hill. The campsite here is bigger, can hold about 20 people, but it is not sheltered from
strong wind that may blow across the summit. As the vegetation here is quite sparse and it is on
top of a small knoll, there may be a danger of lightning strikes. For campsites near the summit,
the night can be quite cold and a sleeping bag is strongly recommended for those camping there.

Other than the usual insect repellant and mosquito coil, one has to be equipped with salt or
vinegar for the trek. There are mosquitoes and some sand flies at the lower camps, but they do
not pose a problem on the trek. But leeches can be a real headache at lower ground. Depending on
the season, one may encounters leeches waving at them as they trek or see none at all, thus it
is better to be prepared.


Last water source before the summit(30 March 2002)

Getting There

From Singapore to Kluang
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kluang

Bus service: OCHARD EXPRESS (Platform 41)

Frequency : Hourly
Cost : RM6.40 per person
Duration : 100mins ( 1 hr 40 mins )
Remarks : Seat allocation is written on the ticket
: Find out which bus bay to take the bus

From Kluang Bus Interchange to Gunung Belumut Park

Cost : RM30(for one way)
: RM60(for two way)
Duration : 30mins
Remarks : The cost of the taxi ride is not fixed. It may be more or less depending on the driver.

In recent times (26 Oct 2003), the drivers are asking for Rm50.

Arrange with resort manager to bring you from either the train station or bus station to the resort (26 October 2003)

Cost : RM40(for one way)

Bus (Information from 09 May 2000)
Take a bus till outside an oil palm plantation(Kahang Timur).

There is a signboard saying Gunung Belumut.

Bus service : Bus Batu 9 (Kg Gajah)

Red bottom/White top

Estimated bus timing at Kluang Interchange:

Cost(Getting there) : RM1.80 per person
(Coming back) : RM1.00 per person
Duration : approx. 45mins
Remarks : Bus ticket is bought on the bus
: Bus stop at T-Junction outside the oil palm plantation
: There are no bus shelter, just a house at the junction
: The return journey is taken from the same direction
: To get to Gunung Belumut park, take the tar road into the oil palm plantation. Follow the
tar road all the way to the end. The journey takes about 40mins to an hour.

Fees and charges
Contact Mr Hadi (resort manager): 013-7602793

Fees for climbing Gunung Belumut: Rm30 for every 5 persons

Campsite fee per person per night: Rm2.50

Remarks: Pass nominal roll stamped at Kg Gajah Police Station to Hadi.

Chalet A (No restriction in number of occupants but can easily accommodate 12)

Charges : Rm40 per night
Facilities : 3 bedrooms and 1 living room (No beds in the bedrooms or could be damaged)

: Kitchen with a sink

: 1 toilet and 1 shower room

: Only 1 fluorescent light in the living room. Electricity is provided only on weekends from 8pm to midnight.

Remarks : Look pretty run down due to lack of maintenance.

Chalet B (Wooden A-frame hut, can accommodate about 10 person)
Charges: Rm30 per night
Facilities: 1 toilet and 1 room

Entry Permit
A participant nominal roll complete with a police’s stamp is to be submitted at the guardhouse.
The police’s stamp can be obtained from Kg Gajah police station. Just inform the taxi driver and
he will bring you there. It is not necessary for everybody to be present at the police station.
Do remember to return to the police station at the end of the trek to report that everybody is
back safe and sound (just show the policemen the nominal roll).

Sample of norminal roll

Trek Details

From starting point(Park entrance) to summit (As of 31 December 2000)

Duration(min) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Park entrance Follow concrete path
05 Bridge Cross bridge and go up concrete steps There are campsites at both side of the river. Each campsite can hold up to 4-5 tents
05 Y-Junction Turn right
Pass by 2 knolls
25 T-Junction Go straight Turn right to campsite 2;Water source available;Follow path opposite campsite.Descend for 2 min to stream with a small waterfall
05 Y-Junction Turn right
05 Steep ascend
15 End of steep ascend
30 “Crown” rock
35 Steep ascend
40 End of steep ascend;Campsite 3(about 3 tents) To summit, go straight Water source available; Take small path on left side of campsite for about 3 min to a saddle with a small stream;Sheltered by trees
05 Botak hill To summit; take small path right at the right side of campsite (initial gentle descend) Campsite 4;No water
20 Summit

Useful Timings

Starting point to campsite 1 5 minStarting point to campsite 2-approx 40 minCampsite 2 to “crown” rock-55 min”Crown” rock to campsite 3-1 hr 15 minCampsite 3 to summit-25 minTotal time taken from starting point to summit-approx 3 hrs 15 min

NB: Lots of leeches along path from starting point to “crown ” rock

Need to report to police station at Kumpong Gajah.

Ask taxi driver to bring team leader there.

Required information: Name, address and length of stay on mountain.

Remember to report back to police station at the end of the climb.


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Something to share

*March 2008*

A group of 6 trekkers paid Rm150 for permit to climb Gunung Belumut. And they were not allowed to camp overnight at the top of the mountain

~ Information from Tere

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