Gua Tempurung

Date: June 2006

Gua Tempurung stream

Exiting Gua Tempurung cave system by the stream (June 2006)

Gua Tempurung is a large but commercialized cave system located at Gopeng, Perak. It stretches nearly 2km from west to east under the limestone hills of Gunung Tempurung and Gunung Gajah. It is compulsory to have a guide to bring you through the cave and there are various packages to choose from. For the young and adventurous, nothing less than the Grand Tour should be considered as this package will bring you through the whole cave system. However, potential visitors must note that the time for the Grand Tour is only from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. due to the duration of the trek. The initial part of the trek involves walking on concrete path and staircases where the guide will point out various shapes and figurines formed by the stalactites and stalagmites, no doubt with the help of some imaginations. Credit to the cave management, much of the cave is still pretty much unspoiled and glistering specks of crystal can still be found on the limestone in the cave.

For the adventurous, the most exciting part of the tour will be the trek through the underground river. However, be prepared to get wet as the ceiling of the underground river can be quite low at certain points. This trek involves leaving the concrete path behind and sliding down a steep slope. After which you will have to squeeze through a small hole on the ground to get to the underground river. This is where the river trek begins and a working torch is mandatory as it is pitch dark in there. The monsoon season from November to March is definitely not a good time to visit this cave as the underground river may be flooded and visitors will not be able to trek through it. The low ceiling and confined space within the underground river meant that escape is almost impossible if there is a sudden flood.

Getting there from the central Ipoh is quite simple and cheap. A local bus from central Ipoh will bring you to the junction where a supposedly 2 km long road will bring you to the cave. You can give a call to the cave management to fetch you to the cave, as the road certainly seems longer than the 2 km indicated and there is no shelter.

As a casual caving trip, this is certainly a place worth visiting. The price of the tour is reasonable and the cave is quite well kept. Not many litters are found in the cave and there is very little vandalism on the walls. The guide we had speaks passable English and he did try to keep us entertained and pointed out various interesting facts and features in the cave.

*** June 2006 ***

Getting There

From Singapore to Ipoh Bus Interchange


Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru
From Larkin(Johor Bahru Bus Interchange) to Ipoh Bus Interchange
Bus Service : Sri Maju
Frequency : To be confirmed
Cost : RM 45 per person

*** June 2006 ***

Ipoh to Gua Tempurung entrance


Take a local bus from the bus-stop as indicated in the sketch of the map below

Local bus stop sketch

Sketch of the location of the local bus stop to take the bus to Gua Tempurung

Local bus from Ipoh (Bus-stop) to T-junction leading to Gua Tempurung

There is a big signboard saying Gua Tempurung at the T-junction


Signboard indicating the T-junction that will lead to Gua Tempurung

Bus Service : Kinta (Kampar 66)
Bus Description : There is a broad green band across the side of the bus
Frequency : 30mins
Cost : about RM 2.50 per person
Duration : 45 mins
Remarks : Free seating.
Bus tickets are bought on the bus itself.
The bus will stop at the T-junction.
For the return journey, wait for the bus across the road.

T-junction to Gua Tempurung

Contact Cik Feza 012-592 8952, or En Danial 017-590 1625 to ask for a free ride from the T-junction to Gua Tempurung entrance.

*** June 2006 ***



Take a cab from Ipoh town to Tempurung Cave (2-ways)
Cost : Rm 60 (Inclusive of 1 hr wait)
Additional hour wait : Rm 10 per hour

*** June 2006 ***

Tour Packages

Information provided by the management
*** June 2006 ***
1. Golden Flowstone Tour
A journey from the Entrance to the Golden Flowstone Platform (Platform 2) and back.
Status Duration Time of Tour Entrance Fee Remarks
Easy and exciting About 40 mins Anytime between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Adult : Rm 6.00
Child (under 12 years) : Rm 2.50
2. Top of the World
A journey from the Entrance to the Top of the World Cavern (Platform 5) and back.
Slightly Strenuous About 1 hour 45 mins Anytime between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Adult : Rm 9.00
Child (under 12 years) : Rm 4.50
3. Top of the World & short River Adventure
A Journey from the entrance to the Top of the World Cavern (Platform 5), down through the underground River and back to the entrance.
Exciting and Challenging About 2 houra 30 mins Anytime between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Adult : Rm 11.00
Child (under 12 years) : Rm 6.00
Minimum 8 Adults
4. Grand Tour
A complete catwalk journey from the entrance with full length underground river adventure.
Challenging and Strenuous About 3 houra 30 mins Anytime between 9:00 am to 11:00 am Adult : Rm 22.00
Child (under 12 years) : Rm 11.00
Minimum 8 Adults

Information regarding discounts, please contact Cik Feza 012-592 8952, or En Danial 017-590 1625
Office Address
APT Consortium SDN. BHD. (658734 U)
No. 8A, Laluan Rokam 15, Pekan Razaki, 31350 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-3188 555
Fax: 05-188 557


*** June 2006 ***

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  1. #1 by Hew Jhet Nung on April 13, 2014 - 6:19 pm

    I am enquiry on behalf Robert Bosch company. We would like to enquiry is there any discount rate to be offered as corporate tour for the tour package 3 in gua tempurung by coming early of May. Please kindly reply me ASAP. There will be 13 in total head count will be attend for the team building.

  2. #2 by themttrekker on April 14, 2014 - 9:03 am

    Hi, you may wish to contact APT Consortium SDN. BHD. under Contacts as shown in the website for any arrangements and discounts. The tour packages information is given by APT Consortium SDN. BHD.

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