Gua Musang

Gua Musang view

View of the town from the top of Gua Musang (11 Jan 2002)

For most people, Gua Musang is just a town in Kelantan where there is a train station. Since “gua” means “cave” in Malay, there should be a cave somewhere nearby. And that is about it and off they went to their treks to Ulu Sepat, Gunung Tahan et cetera. That was also as much as I know about the place until I have the privilege to go to Gua Musang, the cave, with my Gan Eng Seng School National Cadet Corps led by PacWest agency. Of course, that trip also encompasses other places but that is beside the point for this article. However, it also means that I am not sure whether any permission is required to go into the cave although it does not seem necessary as there are no gate, check point whatsoever to the cave.

Gua Musang

Gua Musang is found in the cliff behind the train station (08 June 2002)

Anyway, the trip to Gua Musang only takes a few hours, 1hr to ascent and 1hr to descent to be exact for a small group. Thus it is definitely not worth it to go there just for that trek. Gua Musang is located in the cliff just behind the train station. The whole trek involves going through the cave and up to the top of the cliff. Facing the cliff, the starting point is to the right side of the train station in a small village across the railway track. Ask the villagers for direction to the starting point of the trek.

Starting point of trek

The village can be seen at the right side of the photo (11 January 2002)

The initial part of the trek is a scramble up a relatively steep and slippery slope amongst the thick vegetation although towards the end, it is necessary to climb on some sharp, bare rocks. After the ascent, the path turns left and leads to the entrance of Gua Musang which is a narrow gap. As this is a cave, a torch would be necessary, as some parts will get quite dark. Going through the gap, would lead to a large space in the cave. The path is on the right side up a slippery and steep slope.

Technical section

Towards the end of the intial ascent, it is necessary to climb some sharp rocks (11 Jan 2002)

Technical section

The climb up the rock after coming out from the other end of the cave (06 Jun 2002)

This would lead to another large space in the cave. The route to here is still relatively bright for most of the way. From here, the path leads into a dark part of the cave. Keep to the left side for the initial decent. The trek would lead to an opening. From that opening, the trail leads up some rocks which you would have to use your hands to climb up. The trail is quite obvious from there and it would lead you to the top of the cliff where the town of Gua Musang can be seen.

Gua Musang (cave) is a nice place to visit if you have time and the energy to go for a 2hr trek. However, as it is just beside a town, locals frequently visit the cave. As usual, if many people visited the place, problems also come with it. So not expect the cave to be very clean and pristine. There are a lot of graffiti in the cave. But as the trek is short and easy, why not just pay it a visit if time permits.

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