Endau Rompin (Selai)

Date: 20 October 2003

Takah Tinggi waterfall

Takah Tinggi, the most spectacular waterfall in Selai(18 Oct 2003)

Selai is one of the entrances into Endau Rompin National Park. Thus, as with all trips into Endau Rompin, the charges can be quite high and at the same time inaccessible. However, a trip to the park is worth the effort and the expenses if you do not mind the high cost. Selai River and its tributaries contain many waterfalls and some of them are quite large and beautiful. Situated in Johor state, it is possible to spend a weekend at Selai, at the same time, visiting all the waterfalls found along the river. Gunung Tiong, at the height of 1030m is the second highest mountain in Johor, after Mt Ophir, is also located in Endau Rompin and can be accessed from the Selai headquaters.

Gunung Tiong

Gunung Tiong can be seen from the Orang Asli village(17 Oct 2003)

The nearest town to Selai is either Bekok or Labis. It is possible to catch a train ride to either town and arrange for a four-wheel drive vehicle to bring you to Selai. Along the way, there would be a Park office where you would pay for the permit and other charges before reaching the campsites.

There are mainly two campsites in long Selai River. Lubuk Merekek is a campsite located beside Selai River, equipped with kitchen, dining hall and toilet facilities. The kitchen provides two gas stoves complete with gas canisters and a sink for washing. This campsite is large enough to hold over thirty campers. Lubuk Tapah is the other campsite also located beside Selai River. It is just 10mins walk deeper into the forest from Lubuk Merekek. This campsite is really a basic chalet resort complete with everything found in Lubuk Merekek but with pondoks (hut) that can sleep three persons. The kitchen also has cooking utensils and cutleries.

Takah Pandan

Although Takah Pandan is not a big waterfall, its beauty lies in its height(17 Oct 2003). Photo taken by Gerald.

The biggest waterfall along Selai River is perhaps Takah Tinggi. The waterfall is estimated to be 100m high and the huge volume of water thunders down the two cascades of the waterfall. Another very beautiful waterfall that can be visited is Takah Pandan. This waterfall is smaller than Takah Tinggi but is almost just as high. Takah Selow, Takah Berangin and two yet to be named waterfalls are the other waterfalls within a few hours walk from both Lubuk Merekek and Lubuk Tapah.

While trekking to the waterfalls, you would come across elephant footprints and elephant dung. At Lubuk Tapah, you can visit the arboretum where there is a collection of the useful plants found in the region. You can also try your hands on the blowpipe or take a dip in the river. Fishing is not allowed in Lubuk Tapah but you can try catching the freshwater fishes at Lubuk Merekek.

Takah Selow

Takah Selow is made of 3 cascades, shown here is the last cascade(17 Oct 2003). Photo taken by Gerald

Although there are not many biting insects in the national park, there are a lot of leeches. The rain during the monsoon season can be very heavy and flooding may occur. Thus it is not advisable to travel to the park from late November to early March. At other times, over night rain may cause the water in the river to be murky and less welcoming. You may not be able to swim at the pool below Takah Tinggi after a heavy rain as it may become too dangerous.

Selai is a nice place to visit over the weekends especially for working adults. Lubuk Tapah contains enough facilities for you to relax and not worry about the occasional rain. The facilities provided would make a comfortable stay at Lubuk Tapah. A short trek to the waterfalls would also provide a nice getaway and sweat it out.

Takah Berangin

The rocks is so hard that it deflected the water gushing down from Takah Berangin to its side(18 Oct 2003). Photo taken by Gerald

Getting There

From Singapore to Bekok
Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take a train from Johor Bahru railway station to Bekok railway station

Time : 1030 hrs
Cost : RM 5 per person
Duration : 2 hrs 10 mins
Remarks : Free seating
Useful train timings
Bekok train timing : 1415hrs
Labis train timing : 1745hrs
From Bekok to Selai
4-wheel drive
Cost : RM200 per vehicle, two ways, can sit 10 persons
Duration : 1hr 30mins


Arrange 4-wheel drive to send you to Bekok or Labis railway station to Johor Bahru or Tanjong Pagar railway station.

4-wheel drive
Contact: Adni (Ratu Flora Enterprise)

No, 2, Gerai MDSS
Jalan Gunung
86500 Bekok, Johor D.T.
Pusat Rekriasi Air Terjun
Sungai Bantang
86500 Bekok, Johor D.T.

Tel: 07-9221466
H/P: 019-7320262

Cost: Rm200 per vehicle (2 ways), can sit 10 persons.
Duration: 1hr 30mins
Remarks: Can speak good English

Endau Rompin Head Office
Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor
JKR 475 Bukit Timbadan
80503 Johor Bahru
Johor Darul Tazim

Tel: 07-2237471/2242525
Fax: 07-2237472

Remarks: For larger student groups, you can send fax to the head office and request for discounts.

Fees, Charges and Facilities
2-days 1-night at Lubuk Merekek

Children : Rm45 per person
Adult : Rm60 per person
Children (Student) : Rm25 per person
Adult (Student) : Rm35 per person
Remarks : Need to show proof (Bring the original and a photocopied document)

3-days 2-night at Lubuk Merekek

Children : Rm60 per person
Adult : Rm80 per person
Children (Student) : Rm35 per person
Adult (Student) : Rm45 per person
Remarks : Need to show proof (Bring the original and a photocopied document)

Charges include Permit, Insurance and campsite fees

Facilities at Lubuk Merekek

  • Toilet
  • Pail and bucket provided in one of the toilet cubicles to be used for bathing.
  • Sheltered dining hall
  • Sheltered kitchen facilities (2 stoves with gas provided; Tap)

2-days 1-night at Lubuk Tapah

Children : Rm60 per person
Adult : Rm80 per person
Children (Student) : Rm45 per person
Adult (Student) : Rm55 per person
Remarks : Need to show proof (Bring the original and a photocopied document)

3-days 2-night at Lubuk Tapah

Children : Rm75 per person
Adult : Rm100 per person
Children (Student) : Rm55 per person
Adult (Student) : Rm65 per person
Remarks : Need to show proof (Bring the original and a photocopied document)

Charges include Permit, Insurance and a hut for 3 persons.

Facilities at Lubuk Tapah

  • 15 pondoks(hut), each pondok can sleep 3 persons.
  • Toilet
  • Shower facilities (Using pail and buckets with water from tap in the cubicle)
  • Sheltered dining hall (Enough seats for 50 visitors)
  • Sheltered kitchen facilities (2 stoves with gas provided; Tap; Cutleries and Cooking utensils provided)
  • Dustbins
  • Florescent lamp or kerosene lamps in kitchen, dining hall and pondoks if there are no electricity
  • 4 rubber tubes which can be used for swimming in the river

Other fees

Guide fee : Rm50 per guide per day (Compulsory)
1 guide to 10 visitors
Camera fee : Rm10 per camera
Fishing permit : Rm20

Trek Details

Trek to Takah Pandan, Takah Selow, Takah Tinggi and Takah Berangin

From To Duration Description
Lubuk Merekek Lubuk Tapah 15mins Muddy road, passable by vehicle
Lubuk Tapah Takah Pandan (Waterfall) 40mins Long, steep and slippery ascent before steep and slippery descent to waterfall. Ropes are tied to the side of the trail to assist visitors
Takah Pandan Takah Selow (Waterfall) 20mins Pass by two nameless waterfalls. Slippery trail.
Takah Selow Lubuk Tapah 20mins Relatively flat trail
Lubuk Tapah Takah Tinggi 1hr Relatively easy trail. Cannot swim in the pool if it rained recently
Takah Tinggi Takah Berangin 1hr Backtrack to junction of Sungei Selai and Sungei Tempaang. River trek along Sungei Tempaang before reaching Tahak Berangin.
Takah Berangin Lubuk Tapah 1hr Backtrack along Sungei Tempaang to Sungei Selai and back to Lubuk Tapah

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