Chiling Waterfalls

Chiling main waterfall (20 March 2010)

Chiling main waterfall (20 March 2010)

Chiling waterfall is one of the most well-maintained parks in west Malaysia. Trek to the main waterfall from the Ranger’s Office is about an hour and it involves 5 river crossings across the meandering river. This river trek is popular for the locals and it can be quite crowded over the weekends.

Flora and fauna of Chiling waterfall (20 March 2010)

Flora and fauna of Chiling waterfall (20 March 2010)

Other than the waterfalls, visitors should take some time to admire the flora and fauna in the area. The initial part of the trek consists of disturbed forests which is taken over by ferns. Fishes can be seen swimming in the fast flowing water and termites crawling along the undergrowths. Butterflies can be seen fluttering over the river and resting on the rocks.

There are 3 waterfalls along the trek and the first waterfall is the largest. There is a pool at the base of the main waterfall which visitors can take a cool dip. The trek to the first waterfall is quite straight forward except for the river crossings which can be up to thigh or waist level deep at certain sections. Locals sometimes bring their children along to the main waterfall.
The second and third waterfall is slightly less accessible as it involves trekking up a relatively steep slope. The second waterfall can be seen from the trail cutting a deep gorge from the side of the trail. The third waterfall is much quieter and there is also a pool where visitors can relax in.

Flash flood is known to occur in this river thus precaution must be taken especially after raining. There is also strict restriction on fishing and littering in the park. There are signboards indicating the river crossing site and also reminders to visitors on the rules and regulation of the park.

23 March 2010

Getting There
Take the road from Kuala Kubu Baru to towards Frasers Hill. The drive is about 15 mins and your car may be parked by the road side or a small clearing after the entrance.
Roadside entrance

(Left)Entrance by the roadside (Right)Small clearing after the entrance

Bridge before entrance

View of the bridge from the entrance. Note that you will cross this bridge from the opposite side if you are coming from Kuala Kubu Bahru

  • Park fee per person: Rm 1
  • Open to public from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday except public holiday
  • Visiting hours: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Cooking is prohibited
  • Those who intend to camp must get advance consent from the department
    A) Selangor State Fisheries Department: 03-55190169 / 03-55190170
    B) Hulu Selangor District Fisheries Office: 03-60641214 / 019-2405491

  • Basic toilet facilities are present in the Ranger’s office ground

Trek Details
*** March 2010 ***
Duration (mins) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Road to the park entrance beside the main road (See picture 1) Take the road to the Ranger’s office  
There is a map of the trail at the Ranger’s office. However, it is not accurate as the path now follows the river bank for most of the way. Nevertheless, the river crossing sites remains the same and there is signboard indicating the river crossing site (See picture 1)
05 Rangers office (See picture 2) Cross the bridge (River crossing 1) Register at the Ranger’s office (Rm 1 per person)
03 +-junction (See picture 3) Turn left There may be water on the trail
15 A Y-junction Both road converge to the same point  
10 River(See picture 4) Cross river River crossing 2
05 River Cross river River crossing 3
01 River Cross river River crossing 4
04 River Cross river River crossing 5
05 River (See picture 5) Cross river River crossing 6
05 Main waterfall    
To 2nd and 3rd waterfall, go back to River crossing 6
05 River Cross river to the returning route  
05 Trail going up a steep slope on the left of the returning trail (See picture 6) Go up steep slope  
10 2nd waterfall on the left (See picture 7)   Not accessible
05 3rd waterfall (See picture 8)    

Total time taken to reach main waterfall from Ranger’s office: 53 min
From main waterfall to 3rd waterfall: 25 min

Pictorial Illustration

River crossing signboard

Ranger's office

Picture 2: Ranger’s office. The trail starts from after the bridge (23 March 2010)


Picture 3: Cross junction. Turn left. (23 March 2010)

River crossing

Picture 4: Second river crossing. The first one was over the bridge at the park entrance (23 March 2010)

River crossing

Picture 5: Last river crossing before reaching the main waterfall (23 March 2010)

Path to second waterfall

Picture 6: From the main waterfall back to the last river crossing site, the path to the other waterfalls can be seen on the left side (23 March 2010)

Second waterfall

Picture 7: Second waterfall as seen from the path along the cliff edge(23 March 2010)

Third waterfall

Picture 8: 3rd waterfall which is less visited (23 March 2010)

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