Berkelah waterfalls

Last updated: September 2004

Main waterfall of Sungei Berkelah

Main waterfall of Sungei Berkelah(07 July 2001)

Berkelah waterfall is one of the most popular trek-in waterfalls for both Singaporeans and Malaysians. According to a fellow trekker, every first weekend of the month is a holiday for Malaysians, thus although there are many campsites along the way to the main waterfall, most if not all, would be filled up. Given its popularity, it is not surprising that some of the campsites can be quite dirty. Fortunately, the water is still relatively clean and there are many pools for trekkers to swim or just to relax in. Recently, the road that leads to the park entrance of Berkelah has been upgraded making it easily accessible to the public. As a result, it is not surprising that the number of people visiting and camping at the waterfall has increased significantly.

Twin waterfalls

The twin waterfalls which marks the beginning of more difficult trek(07 July 2001)

2nd large waterfall

The second large waterfall after the twin waterfalls(07 July 2001)

The trek to the main waterfall is relatively straightforward. With the vehicle saving you the 5km of boring trek on the upgraded dirt road, the rest of the way is on a small trail where the trekkers have to walk single file. This easy trail would lead to a twin waterfall. The route from here would be slightly more difficult as it involves going uphill and in some part of the trail, it requires a bit of climbing. This would lead to the main campsite which is located beside the stream. There have been one or two report of flash flood that would submerge this campsite but most people would still use this campsite due to its proximity to the water.

The rest of the way from here to the main waterfall is quite challenging and to a certain extent dangerous. You would not want to slip and fall into the river. As Sungei Berkelah is quite a mature river, the river had cut a deep path in the land. Thus, on certain part of the trek, you would be a few storeys above the river. One slip and you may tumble down the steep slope into the fast flowing river below. To get to the main waterfall, it is also necessary to cross the river towards the end. Although this is quite easy, you would not want any mistake in that crossing.

The main waterfall is magnificent. It has a deep pool at the bottom where trekkers can take a cool dip in the water. It is also possible to camp here although the campsite is small. At the main waterfall, the area would be perfect for relaxing if not for all the rubbish that irresponsible trekkers had left behind. Berkelah is a wonderful place to trek with its waterfalls and pools where you can swim in. Although the rubbish that comes with its popularity has made it a less than perfect place to trek in, it still has enough attractions to override the rubbish found at the campsite.

Getting There

From Singapore to Kuantan


Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru

Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kuantan Express Bus Terminal

Inter-city Express Bus Service : South-Johor Express (Transit Link)
Bus timing : 2350 (Last bus)
Cost : Rm 20 per person
Duration : 5hrs 30 mins
Remarks : Super VIP bus
  : Better to reach the terminal an hour or two earlier to confirm the timing of the last bus.
  : For the last bus, wait for it in front of the counter instead of at the platform.
Return bus timings from Kuantan to Larkin
1045 hrs
1200 hrs
1430 hrs
2245 hrs
2359 hrs
0100 hrs

*** December 2000 ***

From Kuantan Interchange (Express Bus Station) to Berkelah Restoran


From Kuantan Interchange (Express Bus Station), walk to the local or old bus terminal which is south of the bus interchange along Jalan Besar road. It is located beside Sungei Kuantan.

Kuantan bus interchange map

Kuantan bus interchange map sketch

Take a bus to Berkelah Restoran

Sri Jengka (Kuantan to Maran)

Cost: Rm 3 per person

Duration: 45 min

Remarks: Tickets are bought on the bus


Bus timing: 1130 (hourly)

For private vehicles, the cost is about RM10 per person to Kuantan
Check with any driver at Berkelah Restoran

*** December 2000 ***

From Kuantan straight to Park Entrance


Cost : Rm45 (1 way)
Duration : 40min
Remarks : Can arrange with the driver for the return journey for Rm45
***September 2004***


Private Transport

Contact : Mr Lao Lin
Handphone number : 012-983-6932
Cost : Rm 30 per person for two ways
Description : School bus

*** August 2006 ***

Trek Details

Duration(mins) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Berkelah Restoran Cross road and go east along main road Can be covered by cab
10 Signboard”Hutan Lipur Berkelah” Turn left Can be covered by cab
15 End of tar road   Can be covered by cab
45 Bridge Cross Can be covered by cab
10 Bridge Cross Park
    Keep to right side of “dry river” River might flow after heavy downpour.
15 “Dry river” Cross “dry river  
05 Rock face Climb up and over rock face  
05 Campsite 1; First waterfall Path to main waterfall is on the left side of campsite; Path to waterfall is opposite campsite 1  
10 Campsite 2; Second waterfall; Rock face Go up and over rock face Keep more to the left side of the rock face away from the edge of the river
10 Campsite 3   Bigger campsite across river
    Follow path on the left side of the river. Path is usually found on the left instead of cliff edge beside the river
20 Steep descend to water level Use rope  
30 River Cross river to a rock, walk on the rock towards the main fall before making another crossing to the right side of the river The second crossing might be quite dangerous
05 Main waterfall (campsite 4)    

Useful Timings

Berkelah Restoran to starting point (sign board) 10 min
Starting point to park 1 hr 10 min
Park to 1st waterfall (campsite 1) 25 min
Park to 2nd waterfall (campsite 2) 35 min
Park to campsite 3 45 min
Campsite 3 to main waterfall 55 min
Total time taken to reach main waterfall from Berkelah Restoran 3 hr 35 min
Total time taken to reach main waterfall from park 1 hr 40 min

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